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Chapter 602: Ordinary


Translator: Lonelytree

Tong Zhan advised, “Big Brother, why are you doing this”

“Mommy!” Nanxing struggled to jump out of Tong Les arms and ran towards Tong Huan.

‘Tong Huan picked up his daughter, and Nanxings small hands tightly wrapped around his mothers neck.

My heart suddenly ached, and little Nanxings fear passed to me.

I knew my fate when I was young.

Little Nanxing was held by her parents hands as she stood in front of a strange person dressed in a gorgeous robe.

“Great Wizard, this is my child, Nanxing.

Bow to Great Wizard.” Her father gently nudged little Nanxing.

Nanxing did not do that because she was distracted by the wizards wonderful robe.

After she was nudged, she bowed and said in a childish voice, “Hello, Great Wizard!”

A strange smile appeared on Big Wizards face, which was covered with blue and black lines and could not be seen clearly.

Big Wizard reached out to pull little Nanxings chubby little hand and rolled her sleeve all the way to her elbow.

His long fingernail-like hand pinched and stopped for a long time on her fair and tender arm.

Nanxing was itchy and afraid, but she held it in and asked the wizard softly, “Am I a walking tragedy”

‘The Great Wizard could not help but stop.

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Nanxing asked again, “Can you turn me into a lucky star”

The Great Wizard withdrew his hand.

Nanxing also withdrew her little fat arm.

She said aggrievedly, “I heard my uncles and my parents arguing.

My eldest cousin always scolds me.

They say that I am a tragedy, but I want to become a lucky star.

This way, Mommy wont have to cry, Daddy wont be unhappy, and Brother wont be so worried

about me anymore.

Even when he uses the toilet, he wants me to stand outside the door.

He doesnt dare to let me leave his sight.”

Her mothers whimper came from behind her.

Little Nanxing turned to look at her mother, then turned to look at Great Wizard with hope.

Great Wizard suddenly smiled.

He picked up a feather and dipped it on a black plate beside him.

Then, he took Little Nanxings hand and drew a strange mark on her palm.

Nanxing endured the itchiness in her palm.

When Great Wizard finished drawing, she raised her hand and looked at her palm curiously.

“Is it that simple So Im a lucky star now”

As soon as she finished speaking, the mark disappeared from her palm.

“Oh Its gone! Its gone!” She stretched out her hand in surprise for the Great Wizard to see.

Tong Huan and Nan Zheng rushed toward her.

The Great Wizard gently clenched Nanxings outstretched hand into a fist.

He said eamestly, “Fate can not be defied.

The heavens have given her a great fate, but you guys are trying to change her fate.

Considering her young age and filial piety, well give her a chance to experience the hardships of an

ordinary life, but, fate can not be defied! The period will come to an end, and she will retake the mantle of her destiny.”

Tong Huan and Nan Zheng looked at each other, not understanding what he was saying.

The great wizard sighed softly.


You will have a hard time in the future.


Nan Zheng asked doubtfully, “Great Wizard, my daughter, her Phoenix Blood…”

The Great Wizard nodded.

“It has been suppressed.

Currently, she is no different from an ordinary person.”

Tong Huan could not help but be overjoyed.

She hugged her daughter and kissed her.

Then, she hugged her tightly and thanked the great wizard repeatedly.

Nan Zheng immediately gave the great wizard a box.

That was the promise he had made to the Great Wizard.

The expression on the great wizards face was filled with pity.

Finally, he said to the three of them, “Dont force the flow of destiny.

Youll survive by going with the river of fate.”

Unfortunately, the two adults were too happy to really consider the meaning of the wizards words.


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