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Chapter 603: Kidnapping


Translator: Lonelytree

The huge house was on fire.

I, the young Nanxing, stood on the lawn and cried.

She couldnt find her parents.

She couldnt find her brothers.

A servant ran over and picked her up.

“Miss, run quickly.”

“Nanxing!” A stern voice stopped them.

Then, a pair of big hands grabbed her.

Nanxing stammered nervously, “Uncle! Uncle!”

Tong Hui threw Nanxing to the bodyguard behind him.

“Take her away quickly!”

Nanxing was stuffed into the car.

She even forgot to cry.

Tong Hui sat next to her.

His phone rang.

Tong Hui pressed the speakerphone.

It was Tong Huans panicked voice.

“Big Brother, did you take Nanxing away Please, give Nanxing back to me.

Please give Nanxing back to me!”

Tong Hui said coldly, “If it werent for you and Tong Zhan being too greedy, you wouldnt have caused such trouble for the Tong family.

Its all your fault! This has fulfilled my words.

Nan Xing is a jinx.

Ill take her away for now! You guys deal with the aftermath!”

“Big Brother, Big Brother, please, please, give Nanxing back to me, give Nanxing back to us.” Tong Huan cried on the phone.

“Mom…” Little Nanxing couldnt hold it in anymore.

She went to snatch the phone from Tong Huis hand.

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Tong Hui pushed Nanxing to her seat.

Nan Zhengs voice sounded, “Big Brother, Nanxing doesnt have Phoenix blood anymore.

She is just an ordinary child.

Let her go.

I will compensate for all the losses of the Tong family! Nanxing is my only child.

If you hurt her, I will never forgive you!”

Tong Hui sneered, “Is that a challenge”

“Big brother, give me back Nanxing and Ill leave with Tong Huan and Nanxing.

I will transfer all my assets to you.

What you see is only one-tenth of my assets.

I only want my daughter.”

Tong Hui paused, “What if I dont agree”His voice was extremely cold.

Nan Zheng said word by word, “I dont want to go against you.

You are Tong Huans brother and Nanxings uncle.

I hope you can accept my suggestion.”

Tong Hui sneered.

“Nan Zheng, let your Sea Wolves on me.

I heard that Sea Wolves are now the number one assassin organization in the world.

Let me see what theyre capable of.

If you win, you get your daughter back!”

The assistant in the passenger seat suddenly turned around.

“Sir, we have located them! They are catching up!”

The assistants voice was nervous and excited.

Tong Hui sneered.

“Tell them to attack! Dont hold back!”

“Yes!” The assistant immediately dialed someone.

“Uncle, uncle,” Little Nanxing said timidly.

Tong Hui turned his head and looked at Nanxing like she was some kind of rare treasure.

His eyes were greedy and scheming.

Suddenly, he smiled.

“Nanxing, youll be with uncle from now on.”

Nanxing did not dare to move.

A loud sound suddenly came from behind, and their car shook violently.

“Yes!” Tong Huis assistant waved his fist excitedly.

Acruel smile appeared on Tong Huis face.

“Turn around.

I want to see this with my own eyes!”

The car turned quickly, and Nanxings nose hit the front seat.

Her nose became sore, and blood flowed out.

Nanxing was so scared that she cried.

Tong Hui impatiently took out a tissue and covered Nanxings nose.

The assistant suddenly exclaimed, “Sir, Misss blood has changed!”

Tong Huis expression changed.

He snatched the tissue from Nanxings nose.

“Damn it! What did these two bastards do to her Wheres the Phoenix Blood”

He glared at Nanxing fiercely..


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