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Chapter 604: Orphaned


Translator: Lonelytree

Nanxing was so scared that she didnt even dare to cry.

She tried her best to cover her nose with her small hands and let the blood drip onto her clothes.

The fire in front attracted Tong Huis attention.

He looked outside.

‘The car stopped.

‘Tong Hui got out of the car and didnt close the door.

Nanxing wiped her face with her sleeve and quietly climbed down.

No one noticed her.

Five cars collided in a row.

The scene was very tragic.

A group of people was carrying the people in the car out and putting them on the road.

“Mom…” Nanxing suddenly ran over.

She saw her mother.

She was wearing the dress Nanxing, and her father chose for her.

She was like a fairy.

Now, the fairy was lying on the ground silently.

Beside her was her tall, handsome, but always smiling father.

“Daddy…” Nanxing cried out in a heart-wrenching manner.

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‘Tears washed away the blood from her nose, and the dress on her body was as dirty as the clothes on her parents.

A cold hand caressed her face.

“Nanxing, dont cry, Nanxing…”

Nanxing grabbed her mothers hand.

“Mommy, Mommy, dont die, dont die, dont leave Nanxing behind…” Nanxing cried and pleaded.

“Nanxing, Mommy loves you.

Nanxing, Daddy loves you too,” Tong Huan held his daughters hand and said forcefully.

Nanxing shook her father.

“Daddy, Daddy, wake up, Daddy, lets go home, lets go home!”

Nanxing cried and shouted.

Nan Zheng opened his eyes slightly and used all his strength to hold his wifes hand.

“Nanxing, I Love You!”

“Daddy, Mommy, Daddy, Mommy…” Nanxing cried and shouted, but she could not wake up her parents no matter what.

Her parents were dragged away, and she was trapped by the bodyguards.

She cried until she was hoarse.

Tong Huis assistant ran over.

“Sir, lets go.

The Sea Wolves are chasing us.

They have weapons of mass destruction in their hands.

The Sea Wolves have gone mad!”

Nanxing was caught by the bodyguards.

Nanxing was thrown back into the car.

Her consciousness gradually became blurry.

I knew clearly that I was dreaming, but I couldnt wake up.

No! I was trying to recover my memory!

I reminded myself that this was my memory.

I was looking at my memory from a third-person perspective.

I could hear a vague conversation in the distance.


Li, why is her energy so weak” It was the familiar voice of Jing Tian.

I couldnt help but feel energized.


Dont talk.

Dont disturb her.” This was Mr.


My head felt as if it was filled with needles.

It was extremely painful, and I was trapped in the darkness.

“Based on the conditions of our Nan family, raising a child isnt a big deal.

However, she grew up overseas.

Im afraid she wont adapt to life in China.

Furthermore, shes not my child.

It wont be easy raising her.” A man who looked extremely like Nan Zheng said.

His face was filled with hesitation as he

spoke in an awkward manner.

Little Nanxing held her little uncles hand tightly.

Her uncle was very tall, very thin, and very tired.


Nan, I havent married, and my family doesnt have any more elders.

Youre Nanxings uncle.

Its better for her to be with you than to be with a single man like me.

I know its not easy to raise a child, but her parents have left her a lot of wealth.

Ill immediately transfer two listed companies over for

you to take care of Nanxing.

I hope you can give her a good living environment and teach her to study well,” Tong Le said humbly.


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