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Chapter 606 Memories


Translator: Lonelytree

Fate couldnt be defied.

Even in that small cave, there were betrayals and companionship among children.

In an argument, Little Nanxings head hit the stone steps.

After that, her memories were sealed.

There was nothing about Phoenix Blood, no grief about her parents, no memories about her memory… or even the young

man she tried so hard to save in the cave.

She gave up her memories.

She only retained one belief, which was to live well.

That was the last request from her parents.

Great Wizard had once said that he would let her experience the suffering of ordinary people.

Nanxing did become an ordinary person.

She was the second Miss of the Nan Family, one that no one liked.

She was bullied by her first aunt and cousin.

She was forced to marry Jing Ning, who only wanted to take

advantage of her.

She was bullied by Ye Qian and Nanyang.

She was divorced and abandoned when she was pregnant.

She jumped into the sea.

This was her trial for giving up the Phoenix Blood.

However, there was a glowing point.

Jing Tian accompanied her for seven years and pulled her out of her near-death seclusion bit by bit.

He gave her boundless love, which warmed her heart bit by bit.

Nanxing finally came to her senses after Jing Tian saved her life time and time again.

She let go of her past and embraced Jing Tian.

On the day they were supposed to get married, everything came to an abrupt end.

Nanxing was eighteen years old again.

This was the effect of the Phoenix Blood.

It broke through the seal because of her union with Jing Tian.

anxing became herself again.

She decisively canceled the engagement with Jing Ning and boldly admitted her love for Jing Tian.

She didnt want him to suffer in silence anymore.

She tried her best to get into the best


She had gone through a lot to be with him.

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To cure him, she was willing to use her blood as medicine.

She was willing to endure a three-year separation.

She was even prepared to accept that he might not recognize her again.

However, these were all traps by Ma Ji.

Nanxings Phoenix Blood had been revealed.

She didnt know about it, but Ma Ji did.

tt was why she had walked voluntarily into Ma Ji and Tong Huis trap.

The first thing Ma Ji did was seal up Nanxings memories further.

The Phoenix Blood was of no use to Nanxing, but it was a priceless treasure to Tong Hui and Ma Ji.

Tong Hui had devoted his whole life to researching the Phoenix Blood.

He and Nanxing were both affected by the

hoenix Blood.

Nanxing was guilty of being born with the Phoenix Blood, while Tong Hui wanted to use the Phoenix Blood to rule the world.

The scenes of the past played like a movie before my eyes.

I watched myself go through two lifetimes and finally separated from Jing Tian with great difficulty.

I couldnt help but cry.


Li, whats wrong with Nanxing” Jing Tians low and suppressed voice rang in my ears as if he was trying his best to endure the pain.

“Its almost done.

Hang in there a little longer.

Nanxing should be back with us soon.” Mr.

Lis voice was also filled with anxiety.

“Alright, its fine.

I can do it.” Jing Tian sounded like he was in great pain..


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