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Chapter 607 Breakthrough


Translator: Lonelytree

Iwas shocked.

What happened to Jing Tian


Li sighed.

“Is love that important She must have been in a lot of pain when she gave her blood to you.

That bitch is so evil.

Theres nothing she wont do!”

“L… [didnt know anything at that time.

If… If | knew that she was suffering for me, I would rather die!” Jing Tian sounded determined.


Li sighed.

“Fortunately, the bond between you two is strong.

Otherwise, you two would have died already.”

Jing Tian chuckled.

“When Nanxing was six years old, she told me that being alive is the most important thing.

A little suffering is nothing if we can live.

Sir! If… 1 mean… If I die, you need to find a way to make sure

Nanxing forgets about me.

I dont want her to be sad.”

Jing Tians words were intermittent, but I could hear them clearly.

My heart was already filled with tears.

My blood was burning fiercely in my blood vessels.

I felt an unprecedented amount of energy.

I could hear Jing Tians breathing more clearly.

His breathing was weakening.

“Jing Tian Jing Tian How are you” Mr.

Li called out softly in worry.

He no longer had the calmness he had earlier.

“… Im… Fine, Sir.

Nanxing, Im fine.

Im fine.” Jing Tians voice became weaker.

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I suddenly felt apprehensive.

Why is it that Im getting better and better, but Jing Tian seems to be getting worse and worse

“Jing Tian, you already know this.

Youre on your own at this last moment.

Theres nothing more I can do.

Do you know the consequence if you dont back away now” Mr.

Li was anxious.

“Sir, I can stay.

I will stay.” Jing Tians voice was actually cheerful.

“Alas…” Mr.

Li stopped talking.

“Sir, if I die, think of a way to make Nanxing forget about me.” Jing Tians voice was very weak, but I could hear every word clearly.

“Jing Tian!” Mr.

Lis voice couldnt help but rise.

Ina split second, I suddenly understood that Jing Tian was using his life to save me.

Jing Tian was using his life to save me, just like how I saved him back then.

I had the Phoenix Blood.

I wouldnt die, but Jing Tian


Jing Tian mustnt die.

I had gone through so much to survive with him.

If he died because of me, what was the point

The Phoenix Blood would accept his sacrifice, but I wouldnt.

I couldnt use his life in exchange for mine!

Jing Tian and I had missed each other for years already.

Were we going to be separated by life and death now

No! No way!

Bit by bit, I sensed that my left arm was being pressed down, and all the strength was gradually spreading from my left arm.

With a thought, I bit the tip of my tongue hard.

The sharp pain made me sober up in an


“Ah!” I finally broke through the restraint and woke up.

With a bang, a puff of white smoke rose into the air.

Jing Tian and Mr.

Li were sent flying.

I jumped and held Jing Tian before his body hit the wall.


Li wasnt so lucky.

He hit the wall directly.

“Cough, cough…” He slid down the wall slowly.

“Jing Tian!” I gently called out to him.

He was unconscious in my arms.

My heart ached terribly.

Jing Tians face was extremely pale.

The scar on his wrist was deep and long, but there was no blood flowing out.

Iraised my hand to look at my own wrist.

The scar was healing at speed visible to the naked eye.

“Whats going on” | asked Mr.

Li, who was getting up..


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