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Chapter 608 The Antidote


Translator: Lonelytree


Li sighed.

“Last time, you left your Phoenix Blood in his body.

This time, his blood was used as a medicinal primer.

However, no one expected your Phoenix Blood to be so powerful.

It consumed him right back.


life was almost sucked dry.

I wanted him to back off from you, but he refused.

He said hed only let go after you recovered.

You saw what happened in the end.”


Li was filled with righteous indignation.

I was speechless.

Looking at the pale Jing Tian in my arms, I had mixed feelings.

Jing Tian, we cant miss each other again.

We absolutely cant.

I turned around and looked at Mr.


“Can my blood save him”


Li nodded hesitantly.

“Its possible.”

“Are there any side effects” I asked again.

It was related to Jing Tian, so I would definitely be cautious.


Li swallowed for a while before saying, “Dont be separated from him in the future.

Hell get sick if you spend too much time away from him.”

liked this aftereffect!

bit my index finger and dipped the tip of my finger into Jing Tians mouth.

Blood flowed out from the gap between his lips.

was so anxious that I sucked the blood, bent down, and kissed Jing Tians lips, sending the blood into his throat.

Jing Tian, dont die.

Stay with me!

leaned back after I made sure Jing Tian swallowed the blood.

When I wanted to go down for another kiss, Mr.

Li stopped me.

“Thats enough.

Youll poison him if you give him too much of your blood.”

withdrew my hand immediately and looked at him.

“Really” I asked uncertainly


Li swiftly placed Jing Tian on the ground.

Then, he picked up his stuff and began to write some kind of symbols on Jing Tians wrists, ankles, face, and neck.

Jing Tians chest heaved up and down slightly.

I suddenly lost my strength and fell to the ground.

I raised my hand to look at the faint bloodstain on my fingertip.

I couldnt help but smile.

Under the bright light, my blood would have a faint golden color, which was the symbol of Phoenix Blood.

The Great Wizard was right.

Heavens will couldnt be disobeyed.

I couldnt hide away from my fate.

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In order to keep me safe, my parents sacrificed their lives in exchange for a miserable former life for Nanxing.

“Come here and help me,” Mr.

Li called out to me.

We helped Jing Tian onto the bed.

My strength had increased by a lot, and my body was undergoing some changes.

Jing Tians breathing gradually calmed down.


Li heaved a sigh of relief.

“Hell make it.

You have no idea how dangerous that was.

Ive told him about the dangers, but he insisted on staying.

He even gave me his last

words a few times.

| think this is the most eventful night of my life!”

I smiled.

“Thank you, Mr.



Li looked at me in surprise.

“Enough about him.

How are you”

I nodded.

“Very good, very good.”


Li looked at me steadily.

I looked at him calmly.

After a long while, he retracted his gaze and said in a low voice, “One thought is the difference between Devil and God.

Girl…” He wanted to say something but


I knew what he wanted to say.

I said calmly, “Ive remembered everything, including the memories of my parents that have avoided me for two lifetimes.

Dont worry.

With Jing Tian around, I wont stray from the path

of goodness.

But I dont think Im good enough to be a God either.


Li, is Jing Tian going to be fine”


Li also became serious, and he nodded.

“I suppose.

Jing Tian was once poisoned.

He said that a woman took a fancy to him and poisoned him.

The poison made it impossible for him to leave that woman, or else he

would be in hellish pain.”

I nodded.

“That womans name is Tong Yan.

She said that she was Tong Huis daughter.

However, I didnt hear that Tong Hui had a daughter when I was on the island.”.


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