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Chapter 61: Return Home

I raised my hands high to object!

My little uncle slapped my hands down.

“Objection denied!”

I puffed up my cheeks in anger.

Jing Tian patted my head and whispered.

“The villas are connected through the back doors.

Its not that far.” I instantly broke out in smiles.

I held Jing Tians arm as we walked downstairs.

“Su Shen told me that youve met Shi Feng” Jing Tian asked.

“Who is Shi Feng” I asked.

Jing Tian turned to look at me.

I tried to recall Shi Feng but I came up with nothing.

I shook my head.

“Su Shen said you ran into him at the hospital.” Jing Tian prompted.

“Oh, I remember now! Hes the handsome one!” I said.

Jing Tian narrowed his eyes at me.

I held tighter to him and smiled endearingly, “Of course hes not as handsome as you.”

My little uncle coughed drily.

“My little uncle is incredibly handsome too!” I added.

Sometimes I really felt like I was babysitting.

“By the way, who is this Shi Feng I have a feeling that he knew me.

We met at my parents grave.

Someone was trying to shoot at him, it was quite scary.”

My little uncle turned around to grab me.

“Wait! Youve been to your parents grave and you met Shi Feng there” There was nervousness in his voice.

I nodded.

“I thought to visit them to see if it could jog my missing memory.

It didnt help but I ran into Shi Feng there.

There was a gunfight.

Shi Feng said I look like my mother.”

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My little uncle looked at Jing Tian nervously.

Jing Tian ordered calmly, “Nanxing, if you see this man again, stay away from him.”

“Oh Will I meet him again” The two men didnt reply.

Friday after school, I was brought home directly by the driver of the Nan family.

The party was already quite lively when I arrived.

Li Tian, Tian Ting, and their parents were all here.

When Li Yuan saw me, she still looked like she wanted to eat me but now I understood she had to keep me alive to keep the money pouring in.

She put on a fake smile.

“The second miss is finally home! You better hurry to your room and change! For some reason, you still look like a paupers daughter even in the uniform of the best school.”

Tian Tings mother cackled.

“It has nothing to do with the uniform.

Look at Nanyang, she gives off the air of a noble woman even in the school uniform.

This is the problem of the wearer!”

Li Yuan gave me a disdainful look.

Tian Tings mother and Li Tians mother had mocking looks on their faces.

I timidly shied away from them and returned to my room.

I didnt want to argue with them, because it was meaningless.

A light pink dress was hanging in my room.

It was well-designed.

One of the shoulders was bare and the hem was knee-high.

I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly.

I knew instantly something was wrong.

Li Yuan and Nanyang wouldnt be so kind to me for no reason.

After I changed and left my room, I ran into Nanyang, Li Tian, and Tian Ting.

To my surprise, the 3 of them were so conservatively dressed.

Nanyang dressed like a nun.

Li Tian and Tian Ting had only simple long floral dress and they didnt even have a smidge of makeup on.

The alarm bells rang in my head immediately.

Something bad was about to happen.

Nanyang looked at the dress I was wearing and fire was burning in her eyes.

She said stiffly.

“Look at my little sister.

She looks so pretty all dolled up!”

Li Tian commented harshly, “Put tinsel on a turd and its still a turd.”

Tian Ting changed the subject, “Nanyang, will Jing Ning be coming over”

Nanyangs expression softened immediately.

“Hell be arriving soon.” The three sauntered past me like peacocks flaunting their feathers.

The maid hurried to me.

“Second miss, the master wants to see you.” I hurried back to my room to grab the present and followed the maid.

Nan Feng was chatting enthusiastically with a few people.

As soon as he saw me, he waved excitedly for me to come over.

“Father, happy birthday!” I gave him the present.

It was prepared by Jing Tian.

Honestly I didnt even know what was inside the box, I couldnt care less.

Nan Feng was very happy.

He pulled on my hand and introduced me to everyone.

“This is my youngest daughter, Nanxing.”

I greeted Uncle Zhang, Uncle Li, fifth uncle…

But when it came to the last guest I froze.

Nan Feng said, “Young Master Shi, this is my youngest daughter, Nanxing.

Nanxing, this is Young Master Shi.

He is from the capital.

This is his first time here.

You better bring him and show him around the house.

Go along now.

You kids will have more things to talk about unlike us old people who have been abandoned by time.”


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