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Chapter 621 Defense

The only useful information I got from Tong Yan was that Ma Ji had arrived on the island.

I knew she would come, but I wanted to know how she would proceed.

Last time, she appeared as Xiao Yis grandmother.

Even Xiao Yi couldnt tell that his grandmother had been replaced.

It was not because Xiao Yi was too dumb, but Ma Ji was very skilled.

I immediately informed Jing Tian and my uncle, then went to find Jing Ni and Mai Qi to discuss with them this imminent threat.

I decided to upgrade the surveillance system and told Vincent and Daisy to keep an extra eye on the servants.

The most likely identity Ma Ji would take was a servant.

There were many servants in the house, and it was hard to guard against her.

I messaged Jing Ni and Mai Qi and told them to find me after I returned from Sea Wolves headquarters.

After I awakened my memories, I found out that the Sea Wolves were my fathers team.

Tong Hui used this name for one of his teams too.

It was to show off that the real Sea Wolves had once lost to him.

This man and his son were both psychopaths.

Xiao Yi was currently managing Sea Wolves with Lu Heng.

When he saw me, Xiao Yi was very surprised.

“Sister Xing, why are you here”

Lu Heng bowed respectfully.

“Eldest miss!”

I explained the purpose of my visit to them.

Xiao Yis expression immediately changed.

He gritted his teeth and said, “If I see her again, Ill definitely tear her into pieces!”

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Lu Heng immediately started to check the surveillance cameras.

He said, “Miss, we have to recheck all the servants in the house.

The servants are allowed to enter and leave the house freely.

We cant even tell if Ma… she has sneaked into the house already or not.

What should we do” Lu Heng looked at me worriedly.

I nodded in approval.

Lu Hengs thinking was very meticulous.

Xiao Yi also realized the seriousness of the matter.

“That vicious woman is very good with disguises.

Even if we question everyone, we might not be able to recognize her.”

Both of them looked at me.

I looked at the computer screen in front of Lu Heng.

All the servants were busy.

There were people coming in and out of the main, back, and corner doors.

I sighed.

“This is really a difficult problem.”

Lu Heng said, “Ill go look for Vincent.

He has everyones work arrangements.

Then, well double-check their whereabouts.”

Xiao Yi scratched his head.

“That is too much work, and the effect might not be good either.” Lu Heng looked at Xiao Yi.

“Do you have any other idea”

Xiao Yis eyes were fixed on the screen.

Suddenly, she looked at me.

“Sister Xing, her target is you, right”

I nodded.


“Does she want to kidnap you or poison you” Xiao Yi asked me.

Lu Heng instantly understood.

“No matter what, shell disguise herself as someone close to Miss.

In that case, our investigation scope will be much smaller.”

I looked at them approvingly and smiled.

“She probably wants to poison and then kidnap me.”

Xiao Yi was furious.

“Ill capture her first!”

Xiao Yi hated Ma Ji to the bone because Ma Ji probably harmed his mother and grandmother.

He was also fooled by Ma Ji.

Lu Heng hesitated and said, “Miss, we have to thoroughly investigate the servants around


Xiao Yi immediately said, “Not only the servants but also the butlers.

Even…” Xiao Yi looked at me and didnt continue.

But Lu Heng and I already understood.


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