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Chapter 626 Instinct

I looked at Mr.

Li in puzzlement.

What did he mean by I was very lucky


Li looked at Ma Jis futile struggle.

He said coldly, “The Phoenix Blood is immune to all poisons, but someone was kind enough to alter her Phoenix Blood.

That gave you an opportunity to successfully cast a voodoo spell on her.

Unfortunately, you were too greedy.

You wanted to control her, wanted her blood, and kept poisoning her.

It was your greed that revived the Phoenix Blood bit by bit.

“You knew that Phoenix Blood thrives on emotions, but you had to go against the natural order and feed her the heartless grass to make her lose her memory.

But your timing was off.

She already had someone she loved before you poisoned her.

Her lover is her medicine.

Thats why your parasites didnt stay stable.

She spat them out on the first day she reunited with Jing Tian!

“These two worms are raised in her body.

They fed on Phoenix Blood as soon as they were born.

Instead of recognizing you, they recognize Nanxing as their master more.

Ma Ji, from now on, your life and death will depend on Nanxing.

Now, isnt that an interesting turn of events”


Li turned around and gave Jing Tian a deep look.

“Jing Tian, take Nanxing back.

Leave this to me.”

Jing Tian nodded.

Mai Qi and I asked hastily, “What about Jing Ni Shes taken Jing Ni away!

Mister Li said indifferently, “Dont worry.

Shell be fine.”

Jing Tian pulled us out of the room and said to Mister Li, “Thank you for your hard work.”.

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Ma Ji lay limply on the ground, not moving at all.

After leaving the room, Mai Qi and I told Jing Tian, “What about Jing Ni We have to find Jing Ni!”

Jing Tian nodded.

“Gao Da and Tong Le are already looking for her, and Qu Hao is on his way here as well.

We will find her.

Nanxing, get Du Heng and Xiao Yi to search through the island.”

Mai Qi and I nodded.

We couldnt place all our hopes on Ma Ji, and we couldnt wait for her to confess.

At the same time, we could use the opportunity to clear out the suspicious people from our two houses.

Perhaps Ma Ji had accomplices.

Just thinking about it made me feel a chill down my spine.

Mai Qi felt guilty.

“Nanxing, how did you find out that shes not Jing Ni I couldnt even tell.

I was too careless.” I comforted her.

“Its not your fault.

If she were deliberately pretending to be Jing Ni, I wouldnt have been able to recognize her either.

However, when she saw me, she couldnt help but reveal her signature smile.

Im too familiar with her smile, so I immediately recognized her.”

Mai Qi was still fearful.

“Shes really too vicious.

This woman is too terrifying.


Li needs to lock her up so that she cant harm others anymore.”

Jing Tian said, “Dont worry.

This time, itll be her final chance to harm people.”

Qu Hao rushed over with a travel-worn face.

He looked exhausted.

When he saw me, he was startled.

“Hello, Nanxing.

I heard that you lost your memory.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Qu Hao.

Im Jing Nis boyfriend.” He didnt know that I had regained my memory.

His self-introduction made me very happy.

“Hello, Jing Nis boyfriend.”

Mai Qi pouted.

“Why didnt you introduce yourself as Mai Qis brother He turns on the family so soon.”

Qu Hao glared at her.

“Shut up! I still havent settled the score with you for not looking over Jing Ni!”

Mai Qi wanted to retort, but she swallowed her words.

She felt guilty for losing Jing Ni.


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