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Chapter 627 See Me

“Settle what score If you have the time, you should go look for your girlfriend.” Mai Qi was pulled from behind.

It was my little uncle.

Dogfood was everywhere.

We split up and searched for Jing Ni, following her last known movements.

In the end, Qu Hao found the unconscious Jing Ni in an inconspicuous residence.


Li came to check on her.

She had only been drugged and not poisoned.

Everyone was relieved.

Catching Ma Ji was only the beginning.

Behind her was Tong Hui.

Since I was born, we were destined for this.

At night, when Jing Tian wanted to go home, Mr.

Li suddenly came to us.

“That Tong Yan wants to see you.” He looked at me.

“She knows that Ma Ji has been captured by us, so she wants to see you.

She said that she has something important to tell you.”

I was puzzled.

“Something important What could it be If she wanted to tell me something, why didnt she tell me earlier Why did she wait until after Ma Ji was captured”

Jing Tian replied, “Theres no harm in listening to what she has to say.” He asked Mr.

Li, “Can she still harm people now”

With a proud expression, Mr.

Li replied, “Of course not.

If she can still do something like that, Id bring shame to all the witch doctors.”

It wasnt until we met Tong Yan that I understood why Mr.

Li was so confident.

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Tong Yans face was extremely pale, so pale that it felt transparent.

She was locked in a specially made chair.

She wouldnt feel uncomfortable, but she couldnt move either.

Seeing me, she smiled.

“Nanxing, youre also of the Tong family.

Why are you the Princess, but Im a slave and a prisoner Youre so lucky!” She sighed softly.

“As expected, people cant fight their destiny.”

I sat down opposite her.

“You brought me here to listen to your self-pity” She glanced at Jing Tian.

“I only want to talk to Nanxing.

I dont want to see you.”

Jing Tian said expressionlessly, “I wont give you the chance to be with Nanxing alone.

If you want to say something, you can say it in front of me.

If you dont want to, we can leave immediately.”

Tong Yan looked at him fixedly, her expression becoming more and more sorrowful.

“Do you really love her that much If Im prettier than her and richer than her, will you consider me”

Jing Tian shook his head slightly.

“Theres no need for ifs.

I wont consider anyone other than Nanxing.

Do you have any other questions Ill tell you the truth in front of Nanxing.”

Tong Yan moved a little.

In the end, he gave a bitter smile.

“Jing Tian, do you know If you had compromised when you were poisoned by me, we would have had a happy life together.

Alas, I was not as crazy as Ma Ji, or else I wouldnt have ended up like this.

Its my fault for not being ruthless enough.”

Jing Tian and I intertwined our fingers, ignoring her mumbling.

Tong Yan smiled wryly.

“In the end, Im the clown.

I thought that I would finally be able to leave the Tong family and live a normal life.

Who would have thought that all of this would be a dream Nanxing, if I told you everything I know, would you let me live”

I said indifferently, “You can always decide your path.


Li can cure your poison.

He doesnt like people who misuse his tribes poison.

Youll be in pain, but your life will be saved.

Are you satisfied with this result”

The light in Tong Yans eyes flashed.


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