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Chapter 63: Women Business

“Nanxing!” Jing Nings surprised voice came from behind us.

I turned and groaned internally. Another one… Do I get to summon the Dragon Ball Dragon after collecting 7 jerks Cause I sure am attracting them…

Joy was plain on Jing Nings face.

“Youre back home I thought you wouldnt come for the party!”

I didnt say anything.

Jing Ning then noticed Shi Feng who was standing beside me.

His face darkened.

“This is…”

I was too tired to deal with them so I told them, “You two have fun.

I have something to do so excuse me.”

Shi Feng grabbed one of my hand and Jing Ning grabbed another.

“Nanxing, dont go.” “Nanxing, we havent even got the chance to talk.”

I shook them off like I was electrocuted.

I staggered back and pushed my palms out to stop them.

“Gentlemen, Im sorry but please stay where you are.

I have nothing to talk with either of you.

Im back home to celebrate my fathers birthday, thats all!” I turned and hurried away.

Such bad luck!

As I made my escape, I ran into a nervous Nanyang, “Have you seen Jing Ning” I pointed behind me and walked away.

After spending so much time at Jing Tians villa, this place no longer felt like home to me.

I wandered about and realized there was really no space for me.

Therefore, I sauntered towards the greenhouse.

At the Nan Family house, that was my favorite place.

However, I was surprised to find two guests seated at my usual stone table.

I hid behind the large frond leaf.

They were Li Yuan, mymother and Su Qing, Jing Nings mother.

“What is the meaning of this Why have your family introduced Nanxing to that Shi Feng” Su Qings tone was unfriendly.

“Please dont misunderstand.

Shi Feng came to us and said he wanted to get to know Nanxing.” Li Yuan smiled apologetically.

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“Even so, this isnt right! Dont you forget that weve already decided Jing Ning will marry Nanxing when shes 20!” Su Qing pressed.

“Su Qing, my dear, please dont be mad.

This has gone beyond the Nan Familys control.

Shi Feng is from the capital, we cant afford to offend him.

In fact, if he wants to marry Nanyang, I wouldnt dare to go against his wishes, much less Nanxing.” Li Yuan sighed, but at the same time, there was a hint of pride in her tone.

She was proud that the Shi Family was interested in the Nan Family.

Shi Feng had approached Nan Feng voluntarily, that was great for the Nan Family.

“Li Yuan, have you forgotten how we have helped you back then” Su Qing sounded anxious.

Li Yuan clearly had the upper hand here.

“Of course, of course,” she nodded but she was not humbled.

Su Qing was irked.

“Back then it was you who begged me to ask Jing Ning to say that he likes Nanxing.

Because of that proclamation, my father-in-law continued to help the Nan Family.

Now that the Nan Family has found the Shi Family, you plan to abandon us like yesterdays paper”

Li Yuans smile disappeared.

“Su Qing, its wrong of you to say that.

Jing Ning did help us a lot but the Jing Family didnt really miss out on the benefits, right Youve also gained a lot from having Nanxing as your potential daughter-in-law.

I know what youre thinking.

You want Nanxing to marry Jing Ning because after the marriage, Nanxings assets will belong to Jing Ning and you wont need to share with the Nan Family anymore, right”

“I didnt think that!” Su Qing quickly denied.

Li Yuan raised her brow as if saying, Like I will believe you.

Su Qing sighed, “Li Yuan, weve been friends for years already.

If you really think so low of me, my heart is truly chilled.

In that case, I might as well have Jing Ning marry Nanyang! Now, do you understand the Jing Familys sincerity in this business”

Li Yuan smiled.

“Su Qing, now, why would you bring up Jing Ning and Nanyang What happens between them has nothing to do with us adults.

“Plus, I assure you theres no need to worry.

That Young Master Shi just wants to talk to Nanxing.

Even if he wants to marry her, the Nan Family will still have access to that stream of money.”

Su Qing was puzzled.

“But… how is that possible”

“Why cant it be possible” Li Yuan said smugly, “Nanxing is the Nan Familys daughter, what is hers is ours.

Furthermore, the Shi Family is a big family, do you really think they will care about the small asset on Nanxing”

I was incredibly confused. What are these two women talking about.

Why do I feel like Ive been sold without my knowledge

I really need to find out more!


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