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Chapter 631 Ready

Qu Hao carried the unconscious Jing Ni back with a panicked look on his face.

“Call the doctor! Whats wrong with Jing Ni We have practically destroyed the lair where they held her, but she didnt even wake up!”

This was the first time I saw Qu Hao panic, and I was very surprised.

“Nanxing!” Qu Hao looked at me with some annoyance.

I came to my senses and hurriedly said, “Right away, right away.

Send her back to her room first!”

It really was true love! Mr.

Li rushed over and carefully examined Jing Ni.

“Its alright.

Its just a normal poison.

Ill prescribe some medicine and think of a way to make her drink it.

Itll take about two days for her to wake up.”

Qu Hao was very nervous.

“Shell be fine, right” He knew how I was poisoned and the aftereffects I had to suffer.


Li said with a good temper, “Dont worry.

Ma Ji probably didnt have the time to do anything else to her.”

Qu Hao was relieved, and so were the rest of us.

Lu Heng reported, “Young Miss, a few big ships have come ashore.

They were welcomed by the presidents guards and invited to the presidential palace.”

I looked at Jing Tian.

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Jing Tian muttered, “It seems that I have to move here.

Lu Heng, go find Gao Da.

Set up a defensive perimeter around this place.

Make sure no outsiders cross it.

All the residents can only move within the perimeters.

The soldiers will be responsible for the daily supply.”

“Yes!” Lu Heng accepted the order and left.

“Do you mean to start a war”I asked Jing Tian.

Jing Tian sneered, “Our great president An isnt capable, but he is very ambitious.

He has found a powerful ally.

Lets see what he will do next.

We have to be cautious when dealing with villains.”

My little uncle had already rushed over.

He said to Jing Tian, “Gao Jing is coming over to support us.

I wasnt not expecting a fight here.

This is going to be fun!”

I looked at my little uncle worriedly.

“Who came to support the president”

I was slightly worried.

My little uncle glanced at me.

“Nanxing, even if its him, this battle is inevitable.

Dont worry, Im not sad.”

I walked over and hugged him gently.

“Little uncle, I dont want the Tong family to have internal strife.”


My little uncle hesitated for a moment before reaching out to hug me as well.

He said bitterly, “Silly girl, I dont want to go this far either.

But since they have threatened your life, theres really not much we can do.” “Im sorry.” I really didnt know what to say.

“Silly girl, what are you sorry for” My little uncle pulled me away and pushed me into Jing Tians arms.

He sighed.

“I promise you that Ill marry Nanxing to you when she turns twenty-two.

Shes already twenty-three years old now.

So she should be your wife.

Take care of your wife.

Dont let others worry about her all the time!”

He turned his head away.

My heart trembled.

Jing Tian wrapped his arms around me, signaling me to stop talking.

“Tong Le, remember what you said when we climbed out of the hole of dead bodies You said you would never let anyone threaten you again.

This is the chance for you to prove yourself.

Nanxing is my wife.

She is my wife for all my lifetimes.

However, that doesnt mean you can surrender all responsibility of looking after her!”

I knew that what I was worried about was true.

My little uncle…

“Little uncle…” I was about to persuade him when I was interrupted by a voice behind me.

“If anyone makes my sister a widow, I will chop up his body and feed it to the dogs!” Qu Haos voice was cold and sinister.


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