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Chapter 632 Slapping

My little uncle finally turned around and faced Jing Tian, Qu Hao, and me.

He smiled.

“Dont worry.

Im not planning to die together with them.”

Qu Hao said coldly, “Youd better not! Theyre not worthy! And this President An is a joke.

Its time for him to give up his position.

Do you have any good candidates in mind”.

Su Qian walked in quickly.

“Nanxing, the Presidents daughter has sent you an invitation.

She wants to meet you tomorrow afternoon.” She shook the invitation in her hand and asked me tentatively, “Do you still want to meet her”

I took the invitation and replied without hesitation, “Of course.”

My little uncle snatched the invitation away and said, “Why are you going This is clearly nothing good.”

Qu Hao added, “Thats right.

We dont need you to walk into their trap.”

I glanced at Jing Tian.

Then, I smiled at them.

“With you guys backing me up, what do I have

no reason to start a war.

Plus, this is a perfect chance for us to feel them out.

Dont worry.

Jing Tian will go with me.

Just let me show off for a while.

Ill only feel at ease once I show the world that hes my fiance!” Jing Tian looked at me dotingly.


Lets go and find out whats going on first.”

Qu Hao and my uncle exchanged a glance but didnt say anything.

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Angel wanted to invite me to meet her at this moment.

Either she was being stupid, or this was someones order.

She had been taught a severe lesson when she met me last time.

She wouldnt be doing this unless she was dumb.

Angel looked quite well.

The arrogance on her face had dissipated quite a bit.

Beside her sat Lu Yan, who was furious at the sight of me.

I raised my eyebrows and smiled at them.

Together with Jing Tian, I sat down opposite them.

“Miss Angel, what can I do for you” I went straight to the point.

Angel wasnt used to my straightforwardness.

“Cousin, why do you like such a shameless person Whats so good about her” Angel turned to Jing Tian.

Jing Tian said indifferently, “Everything is good about her.

Plus, I dont need a reason to like her.” Jing Tian glanced at her.

“Miss Angel, I cant accept how you call me your cousin.

Im just your stepmothers nephew.

Were not related.”

Angel looked aggrieved.

“Cousin! Why are you treating me like this We were very close before she came!”

Heh, this is interesting.

“Miss Angel, what is the meaning of this Are you trying to drive a wedge between my fiance and me Were you and Jing Tian up to something before I arrived on this island” I looked at her with a faint smile.

Angel didnt look at me.

She only looked at Jing Tian shyly.

This whole scene is so familiar.

I looked at Lu Yan, who was watching the show from the side.

“Lu Yan, Gu Nian came to look for me yesterday.

He was worried that I would be injured, so he came to comfort me.”

Lu Yan was so angry.

“Bitch, if you dare to go after Gu Nian, Ill tear you to pieces!”

I clapped slowly.

“Miss Angel, see that Miss Lu Yans fiancé always follows me around.

I dont even like him, but Miss Lu insists on killing me.

Now that is how you taunt someone.

Do you get it now”

Lu Yan immediately shut her mouth.

She realized that she had become my demonstration device.

I chuckled.

“I hope thats a good lesson for you.

Also, Jing Tian is my fiancé.

I dont like people coveting my fiancé.

I dont have a good temper like Lu Yan.

I prefer to use action than threats.”

I stood up and slapped Angel.


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