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Chapter 636 Exposed

Xiao Zhi quickly said, “Oh, our Angel is starting how to do business.

Miss Lu, thank you very much.

Please guide Angel.

She has a childish temper, but shes very smart.”

Xiao Zhis smile was like that of a loving mother.

I couldnt help but sigh in my heart.

Back then, my aunt and cousins methods were really too low-end.

There were thousands of ways to play the role of stepmother, and Xiao Zhi was undoubtedly a clever one.

The abuse was the most unseemly, but flattery was different.

Angel didnt rebuke Xiao Zhi this time, and she looked a little pleased with herself.

She was really stupid.

“So, how did the business talk go” Mr.

President asked with a smile.

I was a little speechless.

When I saw the look in Jing Tians and Gu Nians eyes, I felt a little more at ease.

If it werent for the two normal people, I would have thought that I was a lunatic.

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I suddenly understood Xiao Zhis methods and her “difficulties.”.

I didnt say anything.

Angel pouted.

She pointed at me and said, “She is being so greedy.

She is asking for five billion! Daddy, youre just in time! Nanxing, didnt you say that you didnt believe I had so much money I might not, but my dad does.

Here is the contract.

Sign it!”

She gestured for Lu Yan to pass the contract to me.

Lu Yan didnt even dare to look at Gu Nian.

She braced herself and passed the contract to me.

I didnt accept it, so she placed it on the coffee table.

I smiled at Angel.

“Miss Angel, are you mistaken When did I say that I would sell this island to you for five billion Just because youre stupid doesnt mean that Im stupid.

Are you used to forcing people to submit to you, so youre being so brazen”

“What do you mean Are you going back on your words” Angel was furious.

I glared at her.

“Do you not understand human language When did I say that I would sell this island to you for five billion Lu Yan can be my witness!”

Lu Yan was stunned.

She opened her mouth but did not say a word.

I knew that she would not dare to speak nonsense in front of Gu Nian.

The president frowned.

“Miss Nanxing, whats

going on”

I used my fingers to knock on the contract on the table.

“Miss Angel invited me over.

I thought she wanted to apologize for what she did to me, so I came.

But she actually wanted to buy this island for one billion and gave me two boats so that I would move.”


President looked a little embarrassed, but he didnt dare to glare at his daughter.

I couldnt help but sneer.

“I guessed that she was ordered by someone to make this deal with me.

I exposed her, but she turned mad instead.

She stomped her feet and raised the offer to five billion.


President, dont tell me you also think my island is only worth five billion If thats the case, why dont I offer you five billion to give up the position of the president”

The president was stunned for a moment before he laughed dryly.

“Miss Nanxing, you sure like to joke.”

I chuckled.

“If your beloved daughter is joking, then Im joking.

If shes serious, then Im serious!”

The presidents family of three was stunned.

Angel looked at her father but didnt say anything this time.

It was rare that she didnt explode.

I looked at him.


President, Im very sorry.

Im a useless person.

I have nothing but money.

However, your daughter wants to compete with me in terms of financial resources.

Thats unfortunate because I wont sell this island.

As for your presidency… Im thinking about supporting one of your vice presidents.

I dont know much about politics, but I have a good eye for investment.

There are a lot of vice presidents on this island, and a lot of people are interested in your position.

We both know that.”


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