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Chapter 638 Injury

The one with the ugliest expression was Miss Angel.

She never thought that her father would not back her up.

This was not the outcome she wanted.

“Daddy!” She shook Mr.

Presidents sleeve several times.

Unfortunately, Mr.

Presidents attention was on me, and he did not even look at her.

She finally couldnt take it anymore.

She suddenly stood up, bent her back, and pounced on me.

I was looking at Jing Tian tenderly when I caught a glimpse of a black shadow from the corner of my eye.

I was stunned for a moment and was about to turn around when Jing Tian pulled me into his arms and spun me around.

A crisp sound rang in my ears, mixed with the screams of Lu Yan and Xiao Zhi.

I turned around and saw a pile of broken glass on the ground.

Gu Nian was covering his right forearm.

Blood was gushing out from between his fingers.

Lu Yan looked panicked.

“Gu Nian…”

I looked at the culprit.

Angels face was filled with resentment.

She was still holding the remaining half of the wine bottle tightly in her hand.

The broken part was glistening

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Xiao Zhis face was pale.

She couldnt say a word.

Jing Tian pulled my face into his arms.


Soon after, I heard an even louder scream and the sound of something heavy falling to the ground.

Jing Tian let go of my hand.

I turned around and saw Angel lying on the ground a few steps away.

She was moaning and trying to get up.

Xiao Zhi and Lu Yan hurried over to help her up.

The president was furious.

“Jing Tian! How could you hit a girl” Jing Tian sneered.

“Dont you understand why I did it”


President said angrily, “Shes just a child.

Besides, she didnt hurt Nanxing.

How could you do it”

Jing Tian looked as if he was covered in a layer of ice.

“If Nanxing was the one bleeding now, I can assure you that shes dead!”

He glanced at Gu Nian, whose expression was also unsightly.

“Master Liu, thank you, but I can protect Nanxing.

As for your injury, Ill make up to you.”

He lowered his head and said to me, “Nanxing, lets go.”

At this moment, I was already so happy that my eyes were full of stars.

I obediently followed him.

This was my man!


President stopped us.

“You cant leave! Jing Tian, you cant hurt my daughter for nothing!”

“I have a valid reason for hurting her.


President, you should be glad that Nanxing is not injured.

Nanxing is my bottom line.

Theres nothing more for us to discuss.

You can call the police or get your own gang to come to fight.

I will be there waiting.”

Jing Tian hugged me and walked out.

“Jing Tian!” Mr.

President shouted angrily.

Miss Angel moaned and cried loudly.

Xiao Zhi went to help her but was pushed away by her.

Xiao Zhis face turned pale.

I stepped forward and raised my hand to give her a slap.

All of a sudden, it was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

I looked down at Angel, who was sitting on the ground, “Why are you still acting” I asked indifferently.

“If he hadnt shown mercy, you wouldnt be breathing right now.

Since you can still fake cry, it means you are just fine.

Stop while you still can.

Go and ask your fathers friends.

Find out what kind of person Master Qi is.”

I glanced at Lu Yan, who was standing beside Angel, “Why are you more concerned about her than Gu Nian You blame him for not marrying you, but you dont even care about him when hes in danger.

Why Is Miss Lu that noble Does Master Liu have to attend to you always Are you worthy”

Lu Yan quickly looked at Gu Nian.

His arm was bleeding profusely.

Lu Yan trotted over and held him with a concerned look on her face.

Gu Nian gently pushed her hand away.


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