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Chapter 64: Confession

Su Qing stopped talking, I could see the gears turning in her head.

“Li Yuan, honestly, it was Nanyangs fault back then.

If it wasnt for Nanxing, those kids might not be here today.

As you know, Old Master Jing treasures Jing Tian greatly, if something really did happen to him back then, he would have leveled the entire Nan Family!” Su Qings words were covered in thorns.

Fake smile plastered on Li Yuans face.

“Su Qing, why are you bringing up the past now You only have one son and we only have one daughter.

If worse comes to worst, well just move in with them!”

Su Qings expression softened.

“I just dont want people to say that my son married the daughter of the Nan Family only for her money!”

“Dont you worry about that.” Li Yuan comforted.

“According to Nan Feng, Nanxing has no family left.

We are the sole proprietor of her funds and assets.” Li Yuan was very good at pacifying others.

“Is it the Nan Familys plan to use Nanxing to entrap this Shi Feng” Su Qings tone was filled with jealousy.

Li Yuan tutted.

“You make it sound so uncouth.

We still abide by Nanxings wishes.

Its her decision who she wants to marry.”

Su Qing smiled.

“To be frank, my preferred daughter-in-law is still Nanyang.

She is gentle and considerate, and everyone loves her.

Youve taught her well!”

Li Yuan chuckled.

“Her seniors like yourself have taught her a lot too as she grew up.

She wouldnt be the lady she is today without your help.”

Wait, so Nanyang is marrying Jing Ning What exactly are these two planning And what happened when we were young that things can get so complicated Its like theyre talking in codes, I cant even follow their conversation.

Suddenly, a maid rushed over.

“Madams, help! The young misses are fighting!”

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“Fighting Who” Li Yuans tone turned severe.

“Its the eldest miss and…” The maid glanced at Su Qing, “Miss Gu.”

Su Qing jumped up immediately.

“Where are they now Bring us to them!” With the maid leading the way, the two left in a hurry.

I walked out lazily from the frond leaf.

Miss Gu was Su Qings nice, Gu Yan.

She was one of the 6 children who were kidnapped back then.

She was the only female child of the Gu Family.

She had been doted on since she was born.

She was yet another annoying character.

When we were young, Nanyang often got into fights with her over the most trivial matters.

However, we rarely saw each other as we grew older.

After all, young ladies from big families had many things to do and learn.

At least those biological ones did.

I saw the two ladies rush towards the direction of Jing Ning and Shi Feng.

They are probably fighting over men then.

How tedious.

I sat back down at the vacated stone table and thought back to that day when Jing Tian helped me mark my test papers.

I smiled and my heart warmed. In my world, I only need Jing Tian and that is more than enough.

“So youre hiding here!” Shi Feng sauntered in with a smile.

I saw the maid who was following behind him.

I should have known that the whole Nan Family was under the instruction to hawk me out to Shi Feng.

Even a maid wouldnt hesitate to sell me out.

I moved to the swing and picked up the folding fan on the table.

I shook the swing gently.

“My my, you sure know how to enjoy yourself.” Shi Feng sat down beside me.

“Nanxing, would you like to hear more stories about your mother” He planted the bait.

“Would you tell me if I want to” I asked tiredly.

“Of course, your wish is my command.”

I flapped open the folding fan and glanced at him.

“Just now, before you walked in, I stumbled upon quite an interesting show.

My aunt, or my adoptive mother, is planning to marry me off to you so that the Nan Family can acquire influence from your family.”

Shi Feng smiled.

“I see no problem with that.

If you are to marry me, I can guarantee that no one will dare to stand in the Nan Familys path at M City.

No one will dare to bully you.”

I smiled and said nothing.

“But Nanxing, you dont like that, dont you What about money Do you like money”

I scoffed, “Young Master Shi, I couldnt care less about the Nan Familys path at M City, I only care about my own path, and my path, my rules.

With regards to money, who doesnt like money But as the saying goes, money borrowed is money owed.

I only like money I earn myself.

I do not wish to be in anyones debt.

Therefore, my marriage and my life will have nothing to do with your familys money and power.”

Shi Feng said in an amused tone, “Nanxing, you really do resemble your mother.

I like that!”

Jesus christ, I want to curse so bad!


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