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Chapter 640 Heart

My little uncle and Qu Hao looked at Jing Tian with furrowed brows.

Jing Tian was displeased.


Qu Hao felt his teeth ache.

“Tsk! Since youve decided to hit her, then you should have hit her harder.

Theyre going to ask you for compensation anyway, so why hold back”

My little uncle echoed.

“Thats right.

Its not the first time she has bullied Nanxing.

Were already very dissatisfied that you only took revenge for Nanxing now.

And you hit her so lightly Im not pleased.” Jing Tian smiled helplessly.

“Can you two be more shameless”

The three of them looked at each other and smiled.

Jing Nis body was still a little weak, and her face didnt have much color.

She looked at me worriedly.

“Nanxing, Im afraid Angel will target you in the future.

You also need to be careful of Lu Yan.”

Before I could say anything, Mai Qi said lazily, “Dont worry.

Jing Tian is watching her closely.

Instead, you should give your seventh uncle some advice.” She glanced at Jing Tian.

“Nanxing is mine is basically written on his face.

Everyone can see it.

But, there are people who are blind.

This has earned Nanxing the ire of the young ladies on the island.

After all, they all thought Nanxing stole your seventh uncle from them.

In the future, Su Qian and Su Shen better go everywhere with Nanxing.

Jing Ni and I are not good enough to protect her.”

I kicked her.

“Stop joking!” Mai Qi dodged and smiled.

“Youve been forcing dog food down our throat every day.

Thankfully, both of us are already taken, so it doesnt affect us that much.”

I couldnt help but feel helpless.

“Little aunt, I admit defeat when it comes to shamelessness!”

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Mai Qi pounced on me and rubbed my face.

The men shook their heads and got up to leave.

They couldnt stand our unreasonable actions.

After they left, the three of us gradually stopped laughing.

We looked in the direction they had left.

Mai Qi said, “Guess what have they gone to do.”

Jing Ni sighed, “Is there a need to guess They must have gone to make preparations and discuss countermeasures.”

Mai Qi patted Jing Ni.

“Thats a given, but why couldnt they discuss that in front of us”

This put Jing Ni in a dilemma.

She thought for a moment and said, “Its too bloody, and they dont want us to know”

Mai Qi held her chin, and she sighed.

“I think this is still a thorn in Tong Les heart.

Family is very important to him.

For so many years, he has always missed his brothers and sisters.

He has also made a revenge for the Tong family the number one goal of his life.

Now, the target of his revenge is his own brother.

How devastating that is.

I havent seen him smile in a long time already.

He often sits there in a daze, and I dont dare to disturb him.”

Jing Ni fell silent.

I patted Mai Qis shoulders.

“Little uncle knows the gauge of things.

Dont worry.”

There were faint tears in Mai Qis eyes.

“That is the reason why Im worried.


I nodded, reached out to hug her, and patted her shoulder.

“Believe me, I understand.

I know the complication hes facing.

I wont let them have a direct conflict.

I wont let him face any more regrets.”

Mai Qi hugged me.

“Nanxing, Im sorry.

I dont want to dump this on you.

But I just… my heart pains for him.”

I comforted her.

“I understand, I know.

Theres no need for us to be so formal.

Mai Qi, Im touched that you care about him that much.

My parents will be so happy to know that my little uncle has found someone who loves him that much.

Youre a blessing in his life.”


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