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Chapter 642 Seven Brothers

“Then, who is Master San” Jing Ni asked hesitantly.

We all looked at Qu Hao.

Qu Hao shook his head.

“I dont know.

There has always been a legend about him in Jiang Hu, but no one knows who he is.

Or, to put it another way, everyone who has seen him is dead.”

“Ah” Jing Ni and I looked at each other in shock.

Qu Hao smiled.

“The Seven Brothers are not a group, and they govern themselves separately.

In the early days, Tong Le took over the resources of the Tong Family and reorganized them.

He was forced to establish Dragons Gate because of the circumstances.

He had to fight both the police and the gangsters.

He is not greedy, and he values loyalty.

People in the underworld all think highly of him.

Jing Tian becoming Master Qi was a coincidence.

It was related to the kidnapping of us when we were young and the incident with his parents.

He always keeps to himself.

However, one should never offend him.

Everyone in the underworld knows that its better to offend the other masters than to offend Master Qi.

This is because Jing Tian never shows any mercy.”

Qu Hao continued, “If Tong Le and Jing Tian are the most upright of the Seven Brothers, then Master Liu, Gu Nian, is kind of righteous and kind of evil.

Gu Nian was born into a noble family.

Because of the death of his parents, he was kicked out of the family by his uncle.

A few years later, he took back all the assets of the Gu family in a big manner and made a name for himself.

This person is a little hard to fathom.

He can be merciful or ruthless, depending on his mood.

Nanxing, dont underestimate him.”

I couldnt help but nod.

I really didnt expect Gu Nian to have such a past.

When I thought about how gentle he was, I really couldnt imagine it.

Qu Hao continued, “Youve met the rest of the people.

Master Shi and Master Gu Er grew up together, and the two of them rose to fame together.

However, they couldnt share the riches.

Their alliance started to crack after they gained power.

As Master San rose, he dealt the two of them a huge blow and then he retreated from Jiang Hu.

Master Wei Wu is the weakest.

When Master Wei Wu came to be, Tong Le was busy collecting his losses.

Tong Le was also not greedy.

He didnt go after things that didnt belong to him.

In other words, Master Wei Wu exists today thanks to Tong Le.

However, before Master Wei Wu could rise to the top, Gu Nian appeared on the scene.

Master Wei Wu basically had to rely on Master Gu Er to survive.”

So that was the complete Seven Brothers.

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“It doesnt matter who Master San is.

Hes not here anyway.

Lets just ignore him for now.

Our enemies are Tong Hui and Tong Zhuo.

Nanxing, its too cruel for you and Tong Le to face them directly.

Jing Tian is considered a relative of the Tong Family because of you, so Im the ideal candidate to deal with them.” Qu Hao said.

I nodded and thanked Qu Hao for his good intentions.

“Will it bring you trouble After all, your identity is quite special.” Qu Hao smiled.

“Its my duty.

I have a messy relationship with the two of you.”

After saying this, he placed his head on Jing Nis head and gently rubbed it.

Jing Ni turned her head away.

I nodded with a serious expression and said, “Thats true.

My little uncle is your brother-in-law, and youve become Jing Tians nieces boyfriend.

Tsk! What a mess! Sometimes, I dont really know how to address you.”

Qu Hao smiled happily.

As long as there was true love, why bother about the empty formalities

“Qu Hao, Ill leave this to you.

Dont worry about the financial support.”


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