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Chapter 643 Consoling

Qu Hao smiled.

“There are rumors in Jiang Hu that Tong Huan and her husband left their daughter with an uncountable amount of wealth.”

I didnt smile.

I nodded.

“They wanted to use five billion to buy this island, but they didnt know that the treasures hidden on this island were in the hundreds or even hundreds of billions.”

Qu Hao also stopped smiling.

“Perhaps they thought you didnt know.”

I was stunned, but I immediately understood what he meant.


It was me who found the treasure for my uncle Tong Hui on the previous island,” I admitted.

“They must have taken it all when they escaped.

So they are trying to use my money to buy my things.

They are still treating me like a fool.” I smiled bitterly.

It was no wonder that my little uncle was sad.

Qu Hao and I came to an agreement.

I would talk to my little uncle and Jing Tian.

My little uncle hadnt been in a good mood recently.

“Nanxing, am I not a man How can I be so indecisive when its such a small matter”

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I hugged him.

“Little uncle, no matter what happens to others, Nanxing will always stand on your side and will never betray you! Youre my only family member! Well leave this to Qu Hao, and lets not worry about it anymore, alright”

Little uncle nodded slightly.

“Im sorry.

Ive disappointed everyone.”

I stood on tiptoe and patted his shoulder.

“You have not disappointed us.

Those who say theyre disappointed in you are not your friends, so why care about them Little uncle, youre trapped by yourself.

You should stay back and spend some time with Mai Qi! You are not a deserter.

Its because you value family and loyalty that youre unwilling to face them.

Little Uncle, I dont want you to be trapped by your own inner demons.”

Mai Qi and my little uncle left the island.


Li gave him a task.

He asked the two of them to send Tong Yan back to his village.

Tong Yan was already a person with no memory.

That primitive village was her best haven.

As for us, in order to thank Mr.

Li, we will also set up a fund for the local tribes development.

After sending off Mai Qi and my little uncle, we went to Gu Nians meeting.

Gu Nian held a cocktail party in the VIP Hall of the best hotel on the island.

Apart from the Seven Brothers and us, many powerful people were there.

Even though I didnt know these people, these people clearly knew me.

Jing Ni approached me and said softly, “Youre now the most popular person on this island.

Youre no longer a princess but a queen.” I couldnt help laughing.

“Who gave me that title I wonder if that means people will have to give me tithe.”

Jing Ni rolled her eyes at me.

“How can you want more money This whole island is already


I pursed my lips and smiled.

Jing Tian and Qu Hao didnt smile.

Their gazes were gentle only when they looked at the two of us.

Gu Nian came out to welcome them, followed by Lu Yan, who looked submissive.

“Nanxing, youre here.” He had a friendly attitude, but only called me by my name.

He looked at Jing Tian and Qu Hao as if they were nothing

I smiled.

“Is the injury on your arm serious”

He raised his arm and smiled lightly.

“Its nothing.

Its just a minor injury.”

Jing Tian said indifferently, “Master Liu, I dont want Nanxing to feel guilty about this.”

Gu Nian looked at Jing Tian, his gaze turning cold bit by bit.

He said indifferently, “I never want anything in return when I did that for Nanxing.

All I want is for her to be happy.

Master Qi, cant I even do that anymore”

Jing Tians expression had already changed.

I quickly intervened, “Master Liu, thank you! Jing Tian, come with me.

I have something I want to see over there.”


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