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Chapter 649 Public Ire

Jing Ni was truly shocked.

Qu Hao was too busy comforting her that he didnt even look at Lee Yang.

He had been kicked far away and was struggling to get up with the help of the crowd.

Even the experienced and shrewd Tong Hui did not expect Qu Hao to make a move like that, especially when he knew Lee Yangs identity.

“You…” He pointed at Qu Hao, not knowing what to say.

Qu Hao smiled at him and the others.

“This fake Young Master Lee has offended my fiancée, so I taught him a lesson.

Whats wrong with that Isnt that how you people settle things”


Someone helped Lee Yang stand up.

He didnt know Qu Hao, but he knew Jing Tian.

“Master Qi, this man is your guest.

But isnt he being too arrogant How can he beat people up in public Even if you dont give Master Liu face, you have to at least give Master Wei Wu face.

Now, even if we want to help Master Qi, we cant really do that.”

“Thats right, Master Qi! Your friend is too unscrupulous.”

“Master Qi, you know where the bottom line is.

You shouldnt make things difficult for


“Master Qi!”

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“Master Qi!”

Everyone started to criticize Jing Tian.

Jing Tian smiled slightly.

He glanced at Qu Hao and said softly, “Im sorry.

I know you wanted to take the target away from me but these people wont let me go that easily.”

Qu Hao smiled faintly.

“Its okay.

They dont dare to come after me directly.

They can only take it out on you.

Its obvious that theyre trying to take advantage of you.”

Jing Tian didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Jing Ni and I were having fun.

They both took a lazy step forward and blocked us behind them.

Seeing this, Tong Hui sneered, “Oh, is this a hero saving a damsel in distress Nanxing, is this the man youve found for yourself He looks okay, but I wonder how hell fare in a battle.”

Jing Tian and Qu Hao ignored him.

They stood there calmly.

Lee Yang finally got up.

He clutched his stomach and slowly walked behind Tong Hui, he glared at Qu Hao fiercely.

“So youre close to Master Qi.

But youre just Mrs.

Mais stepson.

Dont forget that Mrs.

Mai, Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu are allies!”

I looked at Jing Ni in astonishment.

Whats going on Jing Ni approached me, and said in a low voice, “Qu Haos identity cant be revealed.

So, they said that Mai Qis father was in poor health and Mrs.

Mai had to withdraw from their alliance to take care of him.

Qu Hao was revealed as Mrs.

Mais stepson.

Then, he was exiled by his father.


Mai became the final winner and Qu Hao was made to disappear.”

I understood and said in a low voice, “So, Lee Yang doesnt really know the truth about Qu Hao”

Jing Ni nodded and said with a smile, “This is probably the most novel identity Qu Hao has ever had in his life.”

“So Lee Yang thinks that Qu Hao relies on you to get to Jing Tian and is Jing Tians bodyguard” I asked.

Jing Ni smiled and didnt say anything.

I couldnt help but whisper, “Qu Hao is willing to suffer any humiliation for you!”

Jing Tian turned around to look at Jing Ni and then asked Qu Hao, “Did you suffer any humiliation”

Qu Hao also turned around to look at Jing ni and said immediately, “No! Absolutely not!”

I rubbed my forehead.

“Stop feeding me dog food!”

Qu Hao asked Lee Yang nonchalantly, “So what Why dont you find Mrs.

Mai and see what she has to say”

Lee Yang turned to the crowd with disdain and said, “Dont worry about him.

Hes just a lowly person who has latched onto someone powerful.”


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