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Chapter 650 Situation

It was quite evident who Qu Hao hadlatched onto.

Everyone looked at Qu Hao with even more disdain.

‘Qu Hao has hidden his identity for so many years, but it will be exposed because of me. I couldnt help but feel a little apologetic.

When I raised my eyes and saw Lee Yang looking at Qu Hao smugly, my heart couldnt help but


The crowds emotions were getting more and more agitated, and everyone was turning against us.

I cursed inwardly and whispered, “Lee Yang is doing this on purpose.

He knows your true identity and forces the crowd to pick on you.”

Jing Tian and Qu Hao had already blocked us off completely and were ready to attack.

“Quiet!” Gu Nians explosive roar stopped the chaotic scene.

Gu Nian walked out with a livid expression.

“What is the meaning of this Are you going to fight in my territory Everyone here today is my guest.

Those who want to fight need to come and talk to me first!”

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Someone immediately said, “Master Liu, what took you so long Its not that we want to cause trouble, but it was Master Qis bodyguard who beat up Master Wus nephew.”

Gu Nian looked at Jing Tian and Qu Hao.

Qu Hao smiled faintly.

“I have to correct something first.

Im Master Qis nieces boyfriend, not his bodyguard.

Though Im sure that makes no difference to any of you.

But its very important to me.

Im his relative, not his bodyguard.”

Jing Tian said indifferently, “Whats the point of explaining To them, were on the side thats opposite to them.

Whats the difference”

“No, theres a big difference.

I dont work for you.” Qu Hao said.

“Are you two done” Gu Nian rebuked angrily.

The two of them gave Gu Nian face and shut their mouths.

Seeing this, everyone started to complain to Gu Nian.

Gu Nian frowned and looked at Lee Yang and Tong Hui.

Lee Yang avoided his gaze.

Gu Nian clearly knew what happened, but he couldnt be bothered.

He turned to Tong Hui, “Mr.

Tong, why dont we all take a seat”

Tong Hui nodded.


Gu Nian said to Lee Yang with a cold expression, “Please invite Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu to come out, Young Master Lee!”

Lee Yang didnt dare disobey Gu Nian, so he turned around and walked out.

Gu Nian said to the crowd, “Why dont you all take a seat If you have anything to say, we can discuss it together when everyones here.

Youre not here to fight, are you”

The crowd scurried back to find a seat but didnt forget to glare at Qu Hao.

They were warning him.

Gu Nian could not help smiling bitterly.

Qu Hao did not mind and took it in stride.

Before Lee Yang reached the door, people had already swarmed in.

Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu walked in the front.

Lee Yang walked over and whispered a few words.

Both of them immediately looked at Qu Hao.

Qu Hao glanced at them lightly.

Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu averted their gazes and looked at Lee Yang with displeasure.

The seats in the hall were soon filled.

Tong Hui sat in the front row.

Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu sat beside him.

Lee Yang sat in the row behind them.

Behind them were the people who looked at us with hostility.

The four of us sat across from these people.

There was a clear distinction.

Soon after, the president and his wife arrived.

The vice presidents filed in.

The situation changed immediately.

Those vice presidents who came in with the president said that there werent enough seats on Tong Huis side, so they had to sit on our side.

They were led by Kong Yuns husband.

The vice president asked politely, “Master Qi, can we sit here”

His attitude was very pleasing.

Seeing Jing Tian nod, the vice president quickly invited everyone to sit down.

The bustle on our side caused the expressions of the spectators to change unpredictably.


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