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Chapter 651 Crusade

Seeing that everyone had taken their seats, Gu Nian cleared his throat and said, “Weve invited all of you here today because a lot of things have happened recently.

Some of you are witnesses, some of you dont know the truth, and we even need some of you to help uphold justice.

Instead of letting things spread around the island to cause more misunderstandings, its wiser to gather and talk it out together.

Dont you agree”

Some people in the crowd responded, “Yes!”

After that, someone started clapping again, and the applause grew louder and louder.

I looked at Gu Nian standing in front of the stage and felt even more strongly that Gu Nian had actually been hiding his true capability.

Perhaps it had something to do with his background, which made him cautious from a young age.

His true nature would only surface when his bottom line was touched.

Therefore, he was different from Jing Tian, my little uncle, and Qu Hao.

Aristocratic families like theirs were used to doing whatever they wanted.

They had many resources they could lose, and they didnt care about gains and losses.

He was also different from Master Gu Er and Wei Wu, who had no principles and were unscrupulous.

Among the Seven Brothers, Gu Nian was a very special existence.

In Qu Haos words, he was both good and evil.

However, personally, Id rather believe that Gu Nian was good.

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Gu Nian raised his hand to signal for the applause to stop.

“Who wants to go first” His gaze swept across the entire hall.

Immediately, a round man far away stood up.

I could feel the viciousness in his gaze as he glared at me.

I didnt remember such a person.

I was surprised at his rudeness when he pointed at me.

He said in a clear voice, “Miss Nanxing is the owner of this island, yet she completely disregards the safety of the people on this island.

She gathered a crowd to create trouble and even started a fight with the president and her daughter.

This is simply outrageous! I propose that the people of our island vote on whether Miss Nanxing stays or goes! This is only fair for the residents of this island!”

I looked at the fatty in shock.

I was stunned by his words.

What nonsense was he talking about

But before I could react, someone else had already started to agree.

“Thats right.

Her presence here has disturbed our normal life.

I suggest that we chase her away!”

“Thats right! Chase her away! We dont welcome her!”

“Shes an uncultured, pampered and ignorant person.

Our island can not tolerate such a person!”

“Thats right…”

The voices rose and fell.

My mouth was half-open, and I was so shocked that I couldnt speak.

What did I do that these people treatd me like this For them to want to get rid of me

Ever since I came to this island, other than having a few unavoidable conflicts with Angel, Ive been busy detoxifying myself.

Where did I find the time to stir up trouble

However, these people spoke with righteous indignation.

It even made me believe that I was an unpardonable evil person.

I finally learned the power of the crowd.

I glanced at the president and his wife.

The President looked pleased.

However, the Presidents wife had a dark expression on her face.

I didnt know what she was unhappy about.

Gu Nian was expressionless.

He said calmly, “Everyone seems to have forgotten one thing.

The owner of this island is Miss Nanxing.

We are now standing on her territory and attacking her.”

I couldnt help but smile.

That was well said.

He had easily taught these people a lesson.

What a talent.

There was a moment of silence on the stage.

It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

“Ahem!” The president coughed lightly.

“Then please state your price, Miss Nanxing.

We want to buy this island!” Someone said in a clear voice.


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