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Chapter 653 Transformation

A mans heart was as hard to read as a womans.

I looked at Mai Qi nervously, and she gave me a comforting look.

“Who are you What are you doing here” Someone questioned my little uncle.

His little uncle slowly turned around.

In his eyes, there was only Mr.

Tong Hui.

The two of them looked at each other.

Their gazes were locked.

Other than each other, there was no one else.


Tong Huis smile slowly crept up.

“Xiao Le, its been many years since we last met.

I didnt expect you to grow to be so promising.” His tone was gentle and kind.

My little uncles eyes were a little red, and his voice was trembling.

“Why didnt you look for me after so many years Do you still treat me as your younger brother”

“Of course, we are blood brothers!” Tong Hui was shameless.

My little uncles voice was full of disappointment.

“So you do remember that.

Then, do you still remember our sister, your biological sister How could you have the heart to imprison your only niece, use her as an experiment, and draw her blood to treat your illness”

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My little uncle gradually became angry.

Tong Hui didnt think much of it.

He smiled at his own younger brother.

“Youre already in your thirties.

Youve experienced so many tribulations, yet youre still so childish! Im her biological uncle.

Is there anything wrong with using her blood to treat my illness Isnt that what she should do”

Tong Hui didnt wait for my little uncle to speak.

He turned to Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu, “Everyone, do you know where the raw materials for the latest drug of our newly established biopharmaceutical technology company came from”

Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu looked at Tong Hui in surprise.

Tong Hui pointed at me.

“Its this girls blood! Her blood is called Phoenix Blood.

Its a once-in-a-hundred-years rare treasure!”

“Shut up!” My uncle could not help but roar.

He would never reveal my condition to the public because it would bring me even more danger.

However, Tong Hui didnt care about that.

In other words, he was already at the end of his rope.

He looked at my little uncle proudly.

However, his words were directed at the crowd.

“Why fight over a small island Once you obtain Nanxing, youd get the greatest treasure in this world.

The Phoenix blood can bring the dead back to life, it can cure all diseases, and it can prolong life.

In short, Nanxing is a reusable treasure.” Tong Hui laughed.

I couldnt help but feel a chill run down my spine.

Things had already gone out of control.

We had made thorough preparations.

We would use these peoples desire to buy the island to lure them into a trap set up by Jing Tian and Qu Hao.

We would get rid of the trash and support a new presidential candidate.

We would bring peace back to the island.

But now, since the appearance of my eldest uncle, everything had changed, and things were going out of control.

Now, everyones target was me.

Jing Tian and Qu Hao leaned against each other, completely blocking me behind them.

“Are you crazy” My little uncle was trembling with anger.

Tong Hui gradually stopped laughing.

“If you were the one who got the strange disease, would you go crazy”.

My little uncle said resolutely, “No! I wont lose my humanity because of the disease.

Id rather die than let Nanxing sacrifice herself for me!”

Tong Hui sneered, “Thats right! Xiao Le, you are so noble.

You have been carefully protected by your parents since you were young.

You dont know the suffering of the human world.

You are the kindest! Are you satisfied now”


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