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Chapter 655 Refuted

“What is Gods Will Phoenix Blood is Gods Will! Phoenix Blood is a gift from heaven! But what about us who are sick Its also Gods Will that we need to suffer.

Whats the point of pity and sympathy What we want are hope and a cure!” Tong Hui roared, his dark face flushed red.

“Is that reason to persecute your own brothers and sisters” My Little Uncle also roared angrily.

In terms of appearance, they were 70-80% similar.

Tong Hui nodded fiercely and sneered.

“This is a world where the strong prey on the weak.” He pointed at me.

“Her Phoenix Blood will eventually fall into other peoples hands, so why not benefit her family I dont even want her life.

I only need her blood for research.

They were so young.

They could easily have another child.

They could pretend that they never had this one.

They forced me to do it! Its their stubbornness and stupidity that destroyed the Tong family! If they had obediently followed my instructions, there wouldnt have been such a tragedy! So, its not all my fault! You are alive, so you should learn from their mistakes!”

My little uncle was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Little uncle!” I cried out.

“Tong Le!” Mai Qi held my little uncle, who was on the verge of collapse.

She was so anxious that tears fell down.

Jing Tian and Qu Hao also came over to help him, but my little uncle slowly straightened his body and pushed us aside to look at Tong Hui.

he said indifferently, “Yes, I should have reflected on my mistakes.

I shouldnt have held back when I figured out it was you.

It was why Nanxing had suffered so much.

Ive let down my sister and brother-in-law, and Ive let down the ancestors of the Tong family.

This is the shame of the Tong Family, and it should be put to an end today!”

Tong Hui sneered, “What Do you want to kill me”

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My little uncle did not say anything.

Tong Hui said, “Tong Le, do you know what father said about you on your eighth birthday” Tong Huis face was full of contempt.

“He said that you are not good enough for business and not ruthless enough for the underworld.

In other words, you are a waste! A waste who has achieved nothing.

Do you think that you are so great just because you have rebuilt the Tong Family You are only relying on the identity of the youngest son of the Tong family! Everyone is giving face to the Tong family.

Do you think you are so great just because you have Dragons Gate Thats because people took pity on you.

Tong Le, without the protection of the Tong family, without our shadow, what do you think you are Let me tell you.

You are worse than a dog!”

Tong Hui swore at his youngest brother.

Every time he swore, my little uncles face turned paler, and his expression became colder.

By the time he finished cursing, my little uncles expression was as cold as ice.

Many people were shocked and secretly pleased that the great Master Si was scolded like this in public.

Jing Tian and Qu Hao were ready to attack.

I could feel the viciousness in their eyes.

My little uncle, on the other hand, calmed down.

“Even if Im a dog, Im still a dog of the Tong family! As long as Im alive, Ill avenge the Tong Family.

This is my duty as a dog of the Tong family.

People might forget about the destruction of the Tong Family twenty years ago, but Ill make the truth known to the world.

Since you said that life is short, well settle the score in this life!”


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