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Chapter 656 Darts

Tong Hui sneered, “Alright! Are you trying to kill me See if you can! At my age, Ive already seen through life.

Come and take it! But you have to be able to kill me.

Do you think Dragons Gate can scare me When I was in the gangs, you werent even born yet.”

Little Uncle didnt care about Tong Huis insult at all.

He looked at him coldly and waved at the door.

In a deep voice, he said, “Come in.”

I couldnt help but be surprised when Mr.

Li appeared at the door with a wheelchair.

I turned around to look at Mai Qi.

Mai Qi nodded gently with tears in her eyes.

The person in the wheelchair was Ma Ji.

Tong Huis expression changed drastically when he saw Ma Ji.

Ma Ji also saw Tong Hui.

She turned her gaze away and looked elsewhere.

Everyone was confused.

Only Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu were surprised.

My little uncle ignored everyone.

He only looked at Tong Hui.

“You didnt expect this, right You must believe Ma Ji is still in some shady corner, thinking of ways to help you kidnap Nanxing.

Since Nanxing has the parasites in her body, she cant escape from you, right”

Tong Hui did not speak this time.

From his shocked and angry eyes, one could see that he was surprised.

My little uncle turned to look at Ma Ji.

“You have a last wish, right Ive brought you here to fulfill it! If you have something to say, say it now.”

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Only then did Ma Ji look at Tong Hui.

Tong Huis gaze was cold.

He suddenly raised his hand and slapped the armrest of his wheelchair hard.

Three beams of cold light suddenly flew out from the armrest of Tong Huis wheelchair and headed straight for Ma Ji.

“AH –” The onlookers couldnt help but exclaim in surprise.

Little uncle and Jing Tian were quick.

Each of them grabbed a wine glass and threw it at the darts.

Qu Hao didnt have anything to hold on to, so he could only watch helplessly.

The last dagger went straight for Ma Jis throat.

Ma Jis eyes were fixed on the dagger.

She had nowhere to hide, so she couldnt help but close her eyes.

However, the dagger didnt puncture her throat.

When she opened her eyes in surprise again, the dagger was only an inch away from her throat, and the handle of the dagger was in Mr.

Lis hand.

Ma Ji smelled a faint smell from the tip of her nose.

It was the smell she was most familiar with.


Li put away the dagger and weighed it in his hand.

He then took it to the tip of his nose and sniffed it.

He had already understood everything

Ma Ji raised her head and looked at Mr.


Finally, she opened her mouth and said, “Mr.

Li, will you say Ive brought this upon myself”


Li patted the dagger in his palm and did not say anything.

Meanwhile, Tong Hui looked at Mr.

Li in surprise.

His eyes followed the movement of the dagger.

At first, he looked at him in disbelief.

Then, he looked at Ma Ji with an angry face.

Ma Ji looked at him with a calm expression, she said gently, “Theres no need to doubt, sir.

I made the dagger myself, and the poison is still there.

The toxicity has not been reduced.

If I had been shot just now, I would have bled and died on the spot.”

Seeing Tong Hui staring at her, she nodded gently.

“Thank you for saving my life again, Mr.



Li returned to stand behind Ma Ji and said calmly, “Dont worry, no one can take your life except for me!”

Ma Jis eyes could not help but slowly turn red.

She looked at Tong Hui and asked, “Sir wishes for me to die”

Tong Hui said coldly, “Useless people deserve to die!”

Ma Ji smiled and said, “I havent been back for so many days.

Have the servants taken good care of Sir”

Tong Hui didnt say anything.

Ma Ji said in a low voice, “Im worried that you wont be able to eat or sleep well.

Thats why I cant sleep at night.”


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