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Chapter 657 Patient

She looked sorrowful.

“I was captured and met my nemesis.

Even my voodoo was powerless.

I met a witch hunter.

I told you before.

Its all over for me if I encounter a witch hunter.

I was bitten by my own parasites.

Sir, I need your blood to heal because I raised these two parasites after I fell in love with you.

They were the parasites I raised in our names.

Sir, do you still remember”

Tong Hui snorted coldly.

“I will not give my blood to useless people!” There was obvious disgust in his tone.

Ma Ji choked with sobs.

“I understand.

In fact, from the beginning, you looked down on me and hated me, right My sister risked her life to save you.

You used her witchcraft and medical skills, and then you betrayed her, causing her to lose her life.

My father said that you are an ingrate.

“I didnt believe him.

I followed you without hesitation.

For so many years, I was by your side without a name or status, but I was willing.

I never refused what you asked me to do.

No matter how difficult it was, I would do my best.

I humbled myself so that you could put me in your heart.

Even if you didnt give me a name, even if you didnt give me anything in return, at least you could put me in your heart.”

Tong Hui snorted again, his face full of disdain.

Ma Ji sighed.

“I asked for too much.

I was too greedy.

I thought that I would be able to warm your cold heart after giving so much.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.”

Tong Hui said coldly, “You are just a witch.

If I didnt take you in, you would have been captured by the witch hunters already.

I let you live for so many years.

I was the one who provided you with fine clothes and fine food! What else do you want You did everything for me willingly.

You wanted to please me, but you betrayed me in the end.

How could you have the face to accuse me now”

Tong Hui looked as if Ma Ji was the one who had harmed him.

Ma Ji didnt say anything.

She took a deep look at Tong Hui and then looked at me.

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“Miss Nanxing, I cant thank you enough for saving my life.

I cant repay you enough.

Ill tell you what I know.

Its just a small token of my appreciation.” She smiled at me.

I suddenly had a bad feeling.

Ma Jis gaze fell on my little uncle.


Tong Le, the person who got the family disease isnt Mr.

Tong Hui.”

My uncle and I looked at Ma Ji in surprise.

Ma Ji smiled faintly.

“The person who has the familys disease is Mr.

Tong Zhuo!”

We were all stunned by Ma Jis words.

“Shut up!” Tong Hui shouted angrily.

He drove his wheelchair and wanted to rush over but was stopped by Qu Hao.

He said lazily, “Sir! The madam hasnt stopped talking.

We shant interrupt her.

This is not polite.”

Tong Hui panted heavily and glared at Ma Ji.

Ma Ji showed pity on her face.

“A parents love for their son is far-reaching.

In order to save his son, Mr.

Tong Hui is willing to sacrifice anyone else.

As long as he can extend his sons life, he can do anything.

Every parent can understand this kind of behavior, right

“Unfortunately, Mr.

Tong Zhuo didnt appreciate it.

He was so tortured by the illness that he only wanted to solve it once and for all.

Therefore, he set his mind on his father.

He asked me to draw Mr.

Tong Huis blood and kept them in stock so that he could use them any time he wanted.

It was a good plan.

Sir, dont you want to know why Ive decided to work for Mr.

Tong Zhuo”


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