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Chapter 659 Curse

Ma Jis tears streamed down her face.

“Our clan has been on the escape because our ancestors did something wrong.

We have to avoid the witch hunters for generations.

But in the end, we couldnt even remember what mistakes our ancestors did, why we were hiding, and so on.

We followed our ancestors teachings.

In the past hundred years, we have never harmed anyones life.

What right do you have to say that she is a scourge”

Looking at Tong Hui, Ma Jis heart was filled with pain.

“She was young and fragile.

You were an outsider.

It was natural for her to be afraid that youd abandon her.

Therefore, she cursed you with her life.

If you dare to betray her, your descendent will bleed and have a horrible death.

When she cast that spell, she didnt even know you already had a son.

It was your retribution!”

“Shut up!” Tong Hui flew into a rage.

“Tong Zhuo was just a child.

Why should he suffer for what I did If she wanted to curse someone, she should curse me!”Tong Hui roared.

Ma Ji looked at him and suddenly felt speechless.

How could the man be so unreasonable

She asked in despair, “Then why did you bring your men to slaughter the village but leave my father and me behind”

Tong Hui panted, he glared at her.

“Why else Who else would break the curse for us This is your retribution! Your sister has harmed my son and me for the rest of our lives.

You and your father will have to atone for the things she had done and the mistakes she had made!” Tong Hui sneered.

“You can only blame yourself for being stupid.

Your sister was stupid, and she was despicable.

She would give her body to any man she met.

Then, she would use her life to curse them.

Not only was she despicable, but she was also evil! You and your father saw me as the savior, especially you.

You are as despicable as your sister! You said you would sacrifice your life for me, but in reality, you were only testing me.

You wanted me to sacrifice all my family members.

Your people should be hunted down by the witch hunters.

All of you should die!”

Tong Hui gritted his teeth.

He was trembling with rage.

Ma Ji was the same too.

Tong Huis words were more than vicious.

To Ma Ji, every word was a knife in her heart.

She pointed at Tong Hui and said, “My sister was the priestess of our clan.

She gave you her body and soul, and you did this to her You betrayed her, and she cursed you.

What was wrong with that Its your fault that your son contracted that strange disease! This is your retribution! For your son, you didnt hesitate to kill your own brother and sister.

This is retribution on the whole Tong Family.

My sister has done well.

You deserve this retribution!”

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She cried again and again until her voice was hoarse.

“Shut up!” Tong Hui roared.



He sneered, “Arent you the same as her You tried to get into my bed again and again! I wont take the same loss twice.

No one dares to take women like you.

I kept you around so that you could treat my sons illness.

Whats funny is that you thought I did that for love.

Youre an idiot! Your whole clan is full of idiots!”

A black shadow flew toward Tong Hui at an extremely fast speed and drilled into his mouth.

Tong Hui only shouted for a second before he fell down from the wheelchair and rolled to the ground.

He clutched his throat with both hands, but he couldnt make a sound.

Both the president and the people around Tong Hui stepped back in unison and watched the scene in front of them in horror.


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