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Chapter 660 Voodoo


Li, who was standing behind Ma Ji, walked in front of Tong Hui and bent down to pick him up from the ground.

Tong Huis thin and weak body was picked up by Mr.

Li and stuffed into the wheelchair.

Tong Huis hand was still on his throat, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not spit out the thing that flew in.

He stared at Mr.

Li with his round eyes.


Li looked at him, and his face was expressionless.

“Im a witch hunter.

Its our responsibility to catch the escapees who have violated the ancestral teachings.

However, it doesnt mean that they can be killed by others innocently.

You slaughtered a whole clan for your selfish reason.

I am sent here to give you some karma.”

Tong Hui retched.


Li said indifferently, “Its useless.

The parasite is strong.

Even if you die, it will cling to your bones until it sucks your marrow dry.

I took it from Ma Ji.

This is the most powerful parasite from Ma Jis clan.

Originally I wanted to bring it back to my clan and destroy it in front of my ancestral altar.

But Ive decided to give it to you because you were the one who caused the death of her clan.

So you will use your blood to nourish this parasite.

Its a blood debt.”

He turned around and looked at Ma Ji.

“You also need to pray that Ma Ji lives well.

This is her life parasite.

If she dies, the parasite will swallow your flesh and blood.

Then, no one can save you anymore.

Dont you hate them Ill let you have a taste of voodoo for once.

Havent you always wanted to get the Phoenix Blood and then use the voodoo to strengthen it so that you can save your son and control the world Ill let you know the consequence of playing with fire!”

Tong Hui finally recovered.

He stopped strangling himself and panted as he looked at Mr.


“You, you, youre a witch hunter.

How, how can you How can you…”


Li said coldly, “Dont use morality to push me.

This trick wont work on me.”

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He turned around and smiled at me.

“Nanxing, come here.”

I followed his instructions and walked over.

He patted my shoulder and handed me a test tube.

“Nanxing, I need your blood.”

I was stunned for a moment.

He nodded at me.

I took the test tube, turned around, and pulled out the dagger from Jing Tians boot.

Before Jing Tian could stop me, I had already cut my index finger and injected the blood into the test tube.

Under the sunlight, my blood was red with a faint golden color.

Everyone had a strange expression on their faces.


Li took the test tube and brought it to Tong Hui.

A greedy expression immediately appeared on Tong Huis face.


Li said, “This is the Phoenix blood that you all tried so hard to obtain.

In order to prevent her from being persecuted, her parents had Ma Jis tribe leader seal her blood.

He did it out of kindness, but unexpectedly, his heaven-defying behavior also harmed his tribe members.

His actions revealed the power of the Phoenix Blood to Tong Hui, which triggered a series of events later on.”


Li poured my blood into his, Tong Hui, and Ma Jis palms.

The strange thing was that the blood melted into their skin as soon as it touched their palms.


Lis hands made a few strange gestures as he muttered something.

Tong Hui was at a loss, but Ma Jis face revealed a faint smile.


Li withdrew his hands and looked at Tong Hui.

He said indifferently, “From now on, if anyone still has designs on Phoenix Blood, they shall be prepared to end up like Tong Hui.

And Mr.

Tong Zhuo, shouldnt you show yourself already”


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