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Chapter 661 Cousin

Tong Zhuo Tong Zhuo is here too

I looked around in surprise and couldnt help but grab Jing Tians arm.

Tong Zhuo made me nervous.

Suddenly, applause came from the side door.

A man in black wearing a black hat walked in, followed by two bodyguards.

The man in black walked in slowly and stood behind Tong Hui.

He took off his hat slowly and raised his face.

He smiled at me.

“Nanxing, long time no see.

Youre much prettier than in the photo.

Youre indeed a beauty from a young age.

You didnt disappoint me.”

I stepped back instinctively.

Fear rose from the bottom of my heart.

Tong Zhuo jumped out of my memory in an instant.

Jing Tian pulled me into his arms and patted my head lightly, indicating that I shouldnt be afraid.

Tong Zhuo was still smiling.

“Are you Jing Tian Ive seen your photos, and this is the first time Ive seen you in person.”

Jing Tian said coldly, “Are you Tong Zhuo That heartless cousin of Nanxings”

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Tong Zhuo chuckled.

“Heartless Thats a good conclusion.

Its true that I dont have a conscience.

Nanxing, how much do you remember about your childhood”

I calmed down.

With Jing Tian by my side, I got over my fear.

It was my instinctive reaction to be afraid of him.

Tong Zhuo chuckled.

“Youre still as cute as you were when you were young.

When you were young, I used to carry you around and play with you.

Do you still remember”

I shook my head.

“I dont remember.

I only remember that I have cousin Mo.

He had always protected me from being bullied.

However, I was young and immature back then.

I didnt like it when he was angry at me.

I really regret it now.

I regret not calling him brother more often.

Its my fortune to have such a good brother like him.”

The smile on Tong Zhuos face froze as expected.

“Darn girl, youve suffered so much, but you havent learned anything.”

“Youre the one who has a lot to learn.” Jing Tian and my little uncle blocked me behind them.

Tong Zhuo looked at my little uncle and sneered, “Isnt this my dear little uncle” Tong Zhuo didnt think much of Jing Tian.

“Do you think you can protect her Dream on!”

“Im sure I can protect her,” Mr.

Li said quietly.

Tong Zhuos expression changed.


Li looked at him.

“Are you his son” He pointed at Tong Hui, but he really didnt need an answer.

Tong Huis expression was ghastly, but the way he looked at Tong Zhuo was passionate.

“Nanxing, as long as youre willing to cure your cousin Zhuos illness, Ill get you whatever you want,” Tong Hui suddenly pleaded.

The tense situation was broken by Tong Huis plea.

Everyone couldnt help but look at him.

Tong Hui stared straight at me.

“Nanxing, I was wrong.

I apologize to you.

I will bear all the sins alone, but can you please save your cousin As long as you save him, Ill give you everything I have.”

He looked at me with a face full of hope.

He didnt look as arrogant as before at all.

I squeezed out from between my little uncle and Jing Tian.

I asked him, “You have just been poisoned.

Dont you care about your own situation Mr.

Li said its Ma Jis life parasite.

Dont you want to know the details”

Tong Hui said repeatedly, “Its not important.

It doesnt matter what happens to me.

As long as your cousin is cured along, I am willing to suffer.”

This was truly deep fatherly love.

Unfortunately, Tong Zhuo stood at the side and coldly said, “Theres no need for you to lower yourself and beg others.

I wont accept your favor.”


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