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Chapter 664 Ship

Everyones voices felt distant to me.

There was only one thought in my mind: I want Tong Zhuos life!

The greed in Tong Zhuos eyes made me even more furious.

He kept retreating as I pressed on with my attack.

When my fist hit his jaw, he raised his hand and tossed a black object.

He smiled at me and said, “Nanxing, follow me.”

A strong force came from behind me, followed by a loud boom.

There was crying and screaming

However, I couldnt see anything.

I was in Jing Tians arms.

The huge impact sent us flying.

Jing Tian hugged me tightly, protecting my head and face.

“Jing Tian!” I instantly hugged him.

Jing Tian lowered his head and smiled.

Then, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Jing Tian!”I was shocked.

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“You brat! Why do you keep messing with my plan” Tong Zhuo kicked Jing Tian.

I fought back with all my might and kicked Tong Zhuo away.

Then, I turned around and shielded Jing Tian.

“Jing Tian, Jing Tian!” I picked up Jing Tian by his upper body and reached out to wipe the blood on his lips.

Jing Tian coughed and spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.

He reached out to wipe the blood off his lips and stood up with difficulty.

“I swore that I would never let Nanxing out of my sight again!” He said to Tong Zhuo with a sneer.

I turned around and saw that the hall had changed.

Dust and smoke rose up everywhere.

My little uncle, Qu Hao, and the others were nowhere to be seen.

However, I could vaguely hear the clamor of people and the sounds of fighting

I stepped forward to support Jing Tian and asked coldly, “What do you want”

Tong Zhuo smiled.

“What do I want Well, thats easy.

I need you to do exactly what I tell you to do.”

Jing Tian reached out his hand to hug me and kiss my forehead lightly.

At this moment, the ground under our feet started to shake.

We couldnt stand steadily and took a few steps back.

Tong Zhuo reached out his hand and grabbed the pole closest to him.

Our feet shook even more violently.

Jing Tian and I fell to the ground.

Jing Tian hugged me tightly.

We slid off the ground.

With a loud bang, Jing Tian grunted.

“Jing Tian, Jing Tian!” I shouted his name in fear.

I didnt dare let go of his arm.

We had stopped.

Jing Tian hit a wall.

I was stunned.

Where did the wall come from

I turned my head to look at Tong Zhuo.

He was calmly fanning the dust in front of him.

A strange sound came from outside.

It sounded like a ships whistle.

“Whats going on” I asked Tong Zhuo sternly.

Tong Zhuo shrugged.

“Its nothing serious.

Its just a trap I set up in advance to catch you.

I only want to get you on the ship, but I got an extra burden instead.

What should I do I dont like this.”

“On the ship” I looked at Tong Zhuo in shock.

Tong Zhuo was quite proud of himself.

“Do you think Im that dumb Ive been trying to steal you from the old man for years already.

Ive failed so many times, but Ive finally succeeded, right Now, I finally have the Phoenix Blood.

Nanxing, Ive been waiting years for this day.”

I didnt listen to a single word he said.

I carefully put down Jing Tian and stood up to look out the window.

I saw the sea.

I looked at Tong Zhuo in shock.

Tong Zhuo shrugged.

“Do you think Im lying to you”

“Where are the others” I asked him coldly.

“The others… I dont know.

I dont care about the others.

I only care about you, my cousin.”


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