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Chapter 665 Imprisonment

I wanted to rush over and smash his smug face.

Jing Tian grabbed my hand.

He struggled to stand up slowly.

I quickly reached out to support him.

Jing Tian straightened his body and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

He looked at Tong Zhuo coldly.

“Theres no need for you to be concerned about me.”

Tong Zhuo furrowed his brows.

“Why do you have to disturb my flawless plan How annoying.”

Jing Tian sneered, “Im really sorry.

I was born to be a saboteur.

As long as Im here, you wont be able to carry out your plan.”

Tong Zhuo didnt care.

“I really hate these boastful brats.

It doesnt matter.

There are plenty of sharks in the ocean.

Ill feed you to them in the open ocean.

Ill make sure you die a wonderful death!”

Tong Zhuo turned around and left after saying that.

It turned out that there was a door behind him.

After he left, the door closed and merged with the wall as if it had never existed.

I didnt have the mood to care about him.

I immediately supported Jing Tian.

“Where are you hurt Are you alright”

Jing Tian leaned against the wall behind him and relaxed bit by bit.

He comforted me softly, “Im fine.

Dont be afraid.”

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Looking at his pale face, I felt sad.

“Jing Tian, Im sorry.

Im the one who harmed you again.”

Jing Tian placed his hand on my head.

“Silly, what are you saying You should be thankful that were together and not separated again.

I was very afraid all those years.

I dont want to suffer the pain of separation again.

Nanxing, we have to be together no matter if were alive or dead, okay”

I looked at Jing Tian with a lump in my throat, unable to speak.

Jing Tian heaved a sigh of relief and revealed a faint smile.

“Nanxing, in the past, we had always wanted to do the best for each other.

We have always put the other first, havent


I understood what Jing Tian meant.

I had decided to sacrifice myself and follow Ma Ji so that he could live a good life.

Jing Tian didnt have any memories anyway, so he wouldnt be hurt by my loss.

However, even if we didnt have any memories, we suffered because we didnt have each other.

I nodded with tears in my eyes.

I hugged him gently and leaned against his chest, sobbing, “Alright, well always be together.

Jing Tian reached out to hug me, and he said in a light tone, “Silly, you didnt harm me.

Its me who wants to be with you.

No matter if its suffering or torture, Ill feel at ease when youre by my side.

With you by my side, all my problems wont be a problem anymore.”

I nodded slightly and hugged his hand tightly.

At this moment, what else could I ask for What else was there to be afraid of

After we calmed down, we began to observe this small space.

I indicated that Tong Zhuo might have surveillance cameras here.

Jing Tian looked around.

“There must be.

He wouldnt give up the chance to observe us.

Let him take a good look.

We arent rats who need to hide in the shadow like he is anyway.”

I couldnt help but laugh, feeling better all of a sudden.

Jing Tian had always been a person who suppressed his feelings.

Even in my short-lived previous life, he loved me to the bones, but he didnt know how to express it.

Due to his background, he was used to putting himself last.

Finally, he had thought it through after going through all the hardship.

In that case, what was there for me to worry about


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