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Chapter 673 Delay

Tong Zhuo snatched the gun from his subordinate and pressed it against Daisys head.

“Nanxing, dont play games with me.

I wont fall for it! Come over here now, or Ill kill her!”

Daisy shrieked in fright.

“Miss, dont come here!”

She shouted in a trembling voice.

Tong Zhuo raised his hand and hit Daisys head with the butt of the gun.

Daisys face was immediately covered in blood, but she didnt make a sound.

My hand grabbed Jing Tians arm tightly.

Jing Tian reached out and put his arm around my shoulder.

Tong Zhuo really knew how to grasp my weakness.

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No matter what, I couldnt let an innocent person die for me.

Jing Tian whispered in my ear, “Nanxing, dont be afraid.

Walk over slowly and keep five steps away from him.

Negotiate with him and stall him.

I wont let him hurt you!”

I turned my head to look at him, full of gratitude.

Jing Tian cupped my face and kissed it lightly.

“I love you! We wont be separated again!”

I nodded slightly with tears in my eyes and walked toward Tong Zhuo.

I stopped about five steps away from him.

“Let them go, and Ill go with you!”

Tong Zhuo laughed brazenly.

“Nanxing, these people are the perfect pieces for me to control you.

Why should I let them go Am I that stupid”

I glared angrily at this shameless person and was momentarily speechless.

When Tong Zhuo was done laughing, he said, “Nanxing, lets be frank.

My illness is getting worse and worse.

For so many years, Ive relied on the old mans blood to alleviate it.

But I have a solution now, your blood.

As long as you come with me and offer me your blood, I will let these people live.

Of course, I will not kill you.

After all, youre my best medicine.

I am not one to beg, but I will threaten you.”

I wasnt the slightest bit shocked by Tong Zhuos shamelessness.

“I dont understand.

You look like a normal person.

Why must you say that youre sick What are your symptoms If you share it with me, perhaps I can help cure it We have Ma Jis voodoo.

I dont think your illness will be that hard to cure.” I said casually.

Tong Zhuos expression changed as expected.

He said coldly, “You dont have to worry about that! You dont need to know things that you shouldnt know!”

I smiled at him without getting angry.

I looked at Daisy and Vincent.

“Im sorry, everyone, for letting you suffer along with


Vinson said in a trembling voice, “Miss, Im sorry.

Weve implicated you.

Dont bother about us.

Dont be threatened by this bastard.”

The vice president on the other side said in a trembling voice, “Miss Nanxing, help! Help! We dont want to die!”

Tong Zhuo sneered.

“Do you see that Nanxing, these are the people you want to save.

They are willing to sacrifice your life to save themselves.

This is human nature.”

I said proudly, “It doesnt matter to me.

I wasnt expecting everyone in this world to die for me.

Unlike you, Im not alone.

At least my butler is willing to exchange his life for mine.

What about you Will anyone do that for


Tong Zhuo pursed his lips.

I sneered.

“Uncle, are you willing Hes your son.

Arent you going to show him your loyalty” I pointed at Tong Hui.

The muscles on Tong Huis tanned and skinny face trembled slightly.

“I-Im Willing!”

He looked at Tong Zhuo longingly.

However, Tong Zhuo said, “Your life is already mine, to begin with.

Youd have to die for me if I order it!”


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