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Jing Tian collapsed in my arms.

He glanced at the dagger in his abdomen and smiled at Tong Zhuo.

“Nanxing is my woman.

Ill not let you bully her.”

Tong Hui said gloomily, “Dont be too conceited, kid.

This world belongs to Tong Zhuo.

All of you bastards deserve to die!”

I supported Jing Tian.

The blood oozing out of his abdomen made me shiver.

“Jing Tian, Jing Tian, Jing Tian…”

Jing Tian comforted me, “Nanxing, dont be afraid.

Im fine.

We have to get out of here as soon as possible.

Or, let Tong Le and Qu Hao come in as soon as possible.”

What should I do

I was at a loss.

Jing Tian grabbed my hand and said in a low voice, “Dont panic, Nanxing.

Dont panic.”

Tong Zhuo walked toward us.

“Nanxing, as long as you agree to come with me, Ill save him immediately.

Ill trade his life for your freedom.

What do you think”

I paused for a moment before turning my head to look at him.

Jing Tian held my hand tightly.

“Nanxing, do you remember our agreement”

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I turned my head to look at him with difficulty.

Our agreement was that we would share life and death together.

However, it was easier said than done.

I couldnt just watch Jing Tian die.

Something was suddenly stuffed into my palm by Jing Tian.

The two of us watched Tong Zhuo walking toward us step by step.

Jing Tians weak voice rang in my ear, “Throw this pill at his feet three steps later.”

I looked down at him in bewilderment.

Jing Tian stroked the corner of my hair with his bloody hand.

“Nanxing, its my happiness to die in your arms.”

He pulled my head down and pretended to kiss me.

I lowered my head, and he whispered in my ear, “Its a bomb.

It can only be effective at a short distance.

Its power is enough to shatter this place.

Hopefully, Tong Le and Qu Hao are right outside.”

Jing Tian had lost a lot of blood, so his energy was a little weak.

I gritted my teeth and turned my head to look at Tong Zhuo.

His pride was written all over his face.

“It doesnt matter what agreement you two have because youre not going to fulfill it!” He said hatefully.

I raised my hand and threw out the miniature bomb in my palm.

“Ah!” Tong Hui jumped out of the wheelchair and pounced on Tong Zhuo.

The bomb exploded with a loud sound.

I bent over to protect Jing Tian.

I felt a sharp pain in my back from being hit by the broken stones.

It hurt my heart, but I had to protect Jing Tian!

Smoke filled the air.

The smoke made me cough.



The voices of my little uncle and Qu Hao could be heard from afar.

I composed myself.

In the smoke, I saw many people fighting in groups of three or five.

Their main targets were my little uncle and Qu Hao.

“Little uncle! Qu Hao!” I called out to them with a sobbing tone.

“Nanxing! Are you alright” My little uncle was fighting back as he moved toward us.

“Boom!” Another bomb exploded.

This time, it was much more powerful than the small bomb Jing Tian gave me.

Two figures flew over.


“Jing Tian!”

Soon after, the sound of dense footsteps could be heard.

Qu Hao smiled wryly.

“I didnt expect Tong Zhuos team to have so many people!”

However, my little uncle said, “No, these people arent Tong Zhuos subordinates.

Look, theyre capturing Tong Zhuos people!”

I couldnt care less about that.

With a sobbing tone, I called out weakly, “Jing Tian, Jing Tian.

You cant leave me alone.

You said that well be together through life and death.

You promised me!”

My face was pressed against Jing Tians cold cheek.

I was crying so hard that my heart was broken.

My little uncle rubbed my head.

“Dont cry.

Hes not dead yet! Do you think hed die that easily”

Qu Hao reached toward the dagger in Jing Tians stomach.

“Thats right, silly girl.

Jing Tian wont die.

With us here, he is not going to die!”


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