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“Lin Ran, where are you Get your ass over here right now!” My little uncle shouted at the crowd.

Lin Ran ran through the crowd and rushed over.

“Doctor Lin, save him!” I cried out in surprise.

Seeing Lin Ran at this moment was a great relief.

“Im coming, Im coming!” Lin Ran echoed.

He hurried to check Jing Tians injuries.


Li! Mr.

Li! Tong Le, quickly let Mr.

Li in!” Lin Ran shouted without turning his head while he tried to stop Jing Tians bleeding.

I was shocked.

“Is there poison on the dagger”

I snatched the dagger from Tong Zhuos men, but it passed through Tong Huis hands.

When I thought of Tong Huis cold hands, I couldnt help but shiver.


Li! Mr.

Li! Mr.

Li!” I cried out with a sobbing tone.

Despair spread in my heart bit by bit.

Where was Mr.


Jing Tian…

I cried out in despair.

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Unexpectedly, a sincere voice with an accent said impatiently, “Why are you crying He wont die so easily!”

My crying stopped abruptly.

I tried my best to widen my eyes that were soaked in tears.

The person who appeared before me was none other than Mr.


Lin Ran and Mr.

Li both stared at the dagger.

Jing Tian held my hand and tried his best to smile, but he was in so much pain that he couldnt speak.


Li said, “Pull out the dagger.”

Lin Ran said, “If I pull out the dagger, the blood will spurt out immediately.

Its too dangerous.

Hell die from blood loss.”


Li nodded.

“Youre right.

Is there any other problem”

Lin Ran said, “Everything else is fine.

Ive checked his internal organs.

Theres not much of a problem.

The main thing is that you have to help him stop the bleeding.”


Li shook his head.

“I cant stop it.”

My heart rose and fell with their conversation.

It was about to jump out of my mouth.

“Then what should we do” Lin Ran frowned.


Li grabbed my wrist.

“I cant but she can.”


Li turned to me.

“Girl, you heard that, right Youre the only one who can save him.

Once Doctor Lin pulls out the dagger, Jing Tian will bleed profusely.

You have to stop the bleeding.

Otherwise, hell die.”

My entire body was trembling as I asked, “What should I do Tell me, how can I save him It doesnt matter even if it means taking my life!”

My attitude was extremely resolute.

As long as Jing Tian was alive, it didnt matter if I traded my life for his life.

“Nanxing!” Jing Tians voice was very soft, but one could hear his anger.

I looked at him.

I cried out.

“No, Jing Tian, I cant let you die.

It doesnt matter if I die, but you have to live.

You need to live well on my behalf.

You cant die.”


Li slapped my head, interrupting me.

“Who said anything about dying When did I say I need your life to save his”

I forcefully choked back my sobs.

I looked at his furious face in confusion and begged in a low voice, “Mr.

Li, help me save Jing Tian.”

Sadness rose from my heart, and my tears fell uncontrollably.


Li was annoyed.

“Tsk! You can use Phoenix Blood to save him! Only you can do that! Youre still so young but all you can think of is death.

How is that healthy Wouldnt it be better to be alive”

I widened my eyes.

I didnt hear a single word of his complaint.

I was already ecstatic when I heard that my Phoenix blood could stop the bleeding.

I picked up a broken knife from the ground and handed it to Mr.


The tip of the knife was pointed at me and I stretched out my other arm.


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