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Li clicked his tongue in wonder.

Lin Ran was surprised.

“Oh my God! How can we explain this matter scientifically”


Li patted his shoulder.

“Young man, not everything can be explained scientifically.

Sometimes, you just have to have some faith.”

Lin Ran had a look of disbelief on his face.


Li took out a small bottle and held my hand.

He sprinkled the medicinal powder in the bottle onto my hand.

“Alright, dont waste any more of your precious blood.

His injury isnt serious.

Youve given him so much blood, and the wound inside his body will heal very quickly!”

He sprinkled the medicinal powder on my right hand as well.

“Nanxing, now you understand why they must get their hands on you.

In their eyes, youre a money-printing machine.”

I didnt care about that.

I only cared about Jing Tian.

Fortunately, Jing Tians wound was healing at speed visible to the naked eye.


Li helped me bandage my hands with the gauze that Lin Ran passed to him.

I moved to help Jing Tian.

Lin Ran pushed my hand away.

“Girl, your hands are wounded too.

Dont worry.

He wont die.”

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Jing Tian gently held my left hand, which was wrapped in gauze.

“Nanxing, Im fine now.

Dont worry.”

His voice was still a little weak.

I looked at Mister Li.

He understood what I meant and said angrily, “Girl, your blood is powerful, but it doesnt work miracles.

He has suffered such a serious injury.

Itll take some time for him to recover his strength.

Be patient!”

I was relieved.

My mind felt very heavy, and I felt a little dizzy.

I took a deep breath before looking at the others.

My little uncle and Qu Hao had made a safe zone around us.

The battle was nearing its end.

Jing Tian and I gradually figured out what was going on.

I exclaimed in surprise, “Theres a third party!”

Jing Tian nodded.

“Theyre not our people, nor are they Tong Zhuos.

It seems that theyre targeting Tong Zhuo.”

I couldnt help but worry.

I didnt know whether they were friends or enemies.

Jing Tian saw through my thoughts and comforted me.

“Dont worry, at least theyre not enemies.”

He turned to ask Lin Ran and Mr.

Li, “How did you guys get here”

Lin Ran sighed.

“Our home was attacked.

Lu Heng defended us with all his might, but he was outnumbered.

You ordered Lu Heng not to harm the local islanders during a firefight, but the enemies didnt care about that.

So, Lu Heng was easily cornered in the battle.

In the end, he, Xiao Yi, and a few brothers managed to get Mr.

Li and me to help us retreat.

The rest of the house, like Vincent and Daisy, were kidnapped.

Tong Le and Qu Hao had a hard time too.

They were stuck in a stalemate.

When we arrived, we found out you two were trapped.

They were at their wits end.

The vice presidents had also divided into two factions.

However, very few of them were on our side.”

That was understandable.

Without the ability to adapt, they would not have survived until today.

“Wheres Gu Nian” I thought about this key figure.

Lin Ran sighed, “Gu Nian should be on the presidents side, but hes not a bad person.

Hes been trying his best to mediate and stop the two sides from fighting, but it was to no avail.

He was so angry that he retreated to the periphery with his men.

He didnt participate, and he didnt help anyone.

It is quite interesting.

Jing Tian and I looked at each other.

Gu Nian was really a complicated person, but we admired him for keeping to his promise.


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