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My Little Uncle turned around.

Finally, he sighed.

“They didnt do anything wrong.

They were only being your parents.

No one loved you more than they did.

You underestimate the evil in peoples hearts.

If your Pheonix Blood is revealed, you might suffer even greater harm.”

In the end, he did not mention Tong Hui and Tong Zhuo.

In this world, those who could hurt you the most were your family.

“Whats the background of that other team” Lin Ran asked.

Doctor Lin had been with us for a long time, and it showed through his words.

Jing Tian and Qu Hao both looked at my little uncle.

My little uncle smiled bitterly.

“I really dont know.”

Qu Hao said, “There are many members of the Seven Brothers here, but they only acknowledged Master Si.

Why is that”

My little uncle was speechless.

We recalled the scene.

Jing Tian jumped in to help.

“In any case, its fine that theyre friends and not enemies.

The most important thing for us now is to restore order on this island.

I dont think President An will be staying at his post anymore.

This is also the perfect opportunity the clear out the fence-sitters among the vice presidents.

This is Nanxings island.

They have to understand who the boss is!”

My little uncle looked at Jing Tian gratefully.

“We need an explanation from the Seven Brothers too.

We cant let them keep on bullying us like this.

Gu Nian has chosen his stance this time.

I trust that he wont waver anymore.”

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“But, his relationship with Lu Yan… Im afraid that will affect him.” Jing Ni was worried.

Mai Qi smiled evilly.

“Thats not going to be hard.

Well help him.

We already have a grudge against Lu Yan.

We might as well send her off and help Gu Nian.

Well consider it as repaying him the many favors he has given us.”

We all looked at Mai Qi.

Mai Qi raised her chin and smiled arrogantly.

“You men will focus on your jobs.

Leave the women to us women.”

As she spoke, she winked at me.

I smiled.

I knew that she already had a plan in mind.

I didnt mind playing along.

Jing Ni was the most honest among us.

We were always worried that she wouldnt like the bad things Mai Qi and I would do.

Fortunately, Jing Ni had grown up a lot over the past few years.

She was no longer the innocent girl from back then.

At least she knew that the world wasnt black and white.

It wasnt difficult to find Lu Yan.

After all, the entire island was under our control.

Lu Yan didnt look too good, but she was still dressed exquisitely.

People were like that.

They tried hard to compensate for things that they didnt have.

For Lu Yan, she didnt ever want to be reminded of her poor past anymore.

Therefore, she cared more about appearance than anything else.

She was always in branded clothes.

In this regard, she was inferior to Ye Qian.

They were born in the same situation, but Ye Qian was more flexible.

She could put herself in the lowest position no matter how high she rose.

Different people would have different lives.

Angel was still with Lu Yan.

There was no more arrogance on the princess face but more fear.

Such was the experience of life.

If your parents didnt teach you how to be a person, the world would be your teacher.

When that happened, youd miss the lecture from your parents because the world would never hold back.

It would not be patiently teaching you step by step.

Angel was learning it now.


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