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As soon as she saw us, Lu Yan bristled immediately.

“Why are you being so proud So you have some money.

You didnt earn it yourself.

Youre just lucky!”

She immediately went into an offensive mood.

I sat down opposite Lu Yan while Mai Qi and Jing Ni leaned on the chair behind me.

I looked around and said, “What can I do Im rich.

In fact, this hotel is under my name.

Would you like to be chased out”

Angel glared at me and tried to pull Lu Yan away.

However, Lu Yan shook off her hand and sat up straight.

“Why should I leave Im a customer, and you should serve your customer well!”

I glanced at Angel.

“See, I told you people are everchanging creatures.

Things are different now.

I remember when I first came here, Lu Yan was completely submissive to Miss Angel.

But she doesnt even care about you now.

I was right, after all.

You are a coward who sways with the wind.

I still remember how you bowed down and begged us to get into the rich society back then.

Do you still remember”

Lu Yan was trembling with anger, but there was nothing she could do.

I continued, “How things have changed.

Initially, Angel was the Princess of the Presidents family.

Now, I seem to have heard that the Presidents position is in danger.”

Angel stood up.

“What are you trying to do”

Mai Qi immediately interjected, “Oh, so you do know how to speak properly! This is the first time Ive heard you speak without trying to provoke someone.

Why What happened to your arrogance Girlie, youve learned how to read the signs of the day.


But cant you tell what were trying to do”

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Angels face turned red.

“Dont push it!”

“Now thats the old princess that I miss.

But what can you do to us now You were the one who told us that on this island, the strong prey on the weak.

Otherwise, how would you dare to act so recklessly when you were the Presidents daughter”

Angel was so angry that she was rendered speechless.

Lu Yan said in a deep voice, “Nanxing, are you here specifically to cause trouble for us”

I smiled.

“Have you only realized that Lu Yan, back then, you could read a persons intention from a gaze.

But now, after being rich for so long, your senses have dulled.” I said lightly, “To be exact, were not here to cause trouble for the two of you.

Our target is only you because we dont like you.

After all, youve extended your claws at us.

How do you expect us to just take that sitting down”

Lu Yan sneered.

“So what What can you do to me Do you think Im easy to bully”

I shook my head, “Youre funny.

Do you think the three of us dont know whether youre easy to bully or not Even after you morphed from a little ugly duckling to a big ugly duckling, you didnt need to purposely come for us.

However, you have to court death.

I just feel sorry for Gu Nian.

How could he be so blind to fall for you”

Jing Ni interjected, “Dont accuse Gu Nian.

He is forced into this relationship too.

We all know Gu Nian only has Nanxing in his heart.”

Lu Yans face turned pale at those words.

“Nanxing! Youre too shameless! You already have a fiancé.

Why do you have to keep on seducing my fiancé” Lu Yans eyes were red.


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