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Gu Nians face was filled with arrogance.

He wouldnt submit to Master Gu Er or anyone else.

The people on Master Gu Ers side turned to Master Gu Er.

They did not understand why he would suddenly involve his future son-in-law in this.

This was not part of the script they had rehearsed beforehand.

Gu Nian turned a blind eye to Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wus explicit hints.

He gave his election speech.

Everyone else believed their own candidate would win so their speech was perfunctory.

However, Gu Nian was serious.

His seriousness showed the low standards of his competition.

Thus, everyone turned their complaining gazes to Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu.

Master Gu Er had no choice but to step forward to clarify, “This election is supposed to be fair and open.

Gu Nian is indeed excellent in all aspects, but based on my understanding of him, governing an island is beyond his ability.

Moreover, the Gu family will not fund his election campaign.

Everyone can rest assured.”

“If Master Gu Er wont pay, Ill pay.” A clear voice came from the door.

Everyone couldnt help but turn their heads to look, and I was no exception.

I felt that this voice was familiar.

The people who walked in against the light were a person and a wheelchair.

A dignified middle-aged man sat in the wheelchair, and the person pushing the wheelchair was a young and beautiful woman.

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Ye Qian!

I couldnt help but gasp.

Ye Qian was wearing 12-inch high heels.

She pushed the wheelchair and slowly walked in.

After not seeing her for so many years, Ye Qian was even more mature and charming.

She wasnt a beautiful woman, only a pair of eyes that could be considered good-looking.

Compared to Lu Yan, her appearance wasnt outstanding, but her temperament was superior.

Ye Qian gave people a sense of intellectual beauty at first glance.

Ye Qian had a powerful aura.

She walked to the center of the stage and stood still.

She leaned over to the man in the wheelchair and whispered something into his ear.

The man nodded.

“You can decide on such a small matter yourself.”

There was trust and reliance in his faint and distant voice.

Ye Qian stood up straight and her gaze swept past all of our faces.

When she saw me, Ye Qian smiled.

Our eyes met.

Ye Qians smile was sincere and cordial.

“Nanxing, long time no see.”

I was stunned.

Ye Qian straightened her body and looked around.

“Everyone, I heard that youre electing a new president Master Liu has worked his life to please others to get a position that matches his ability.

However, others see his concession as cowardice!” Ye Qian sighed softly.

The moment Master Gu Er saw Ye Qian, his expression became particularly ugly.

“Are you siding with Gu Nian” Master Gu Er said in a deep voice.

Ye Qian smiled very amiably.

“Master Gu Er, long time no see!” She bowed at him.

Then she raised her voice and said, “I have a deep relationship with Gu Nian.

Today is a good opportunity for me to repay him.

Master Liu, Ill be responsible for all the funds needed for the election!”

Not only Gu Nian, but everyones eyes were on Ye Qian, including me, Jing Ni, and Mai Qi.

Ye Qian said in a clear voice, “Gu Nian was the only person who did not kick me when I was down.

He also gave me a sum of money when I was alone and had no help.

Without Gu Nian, I wouldnt be the person I am today.

So, Im here to repay your kindness.

Master Liu, dont worry about the funds.

Ill do everything in my power to fulfill your dreams.”

I couldnt help but feel sorry for Gu Nian.

Ye Qians appearance was too inopportune.


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