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Chapter 69: Discussion

Even someone as dense as Li Yuan could finally tell something was wrong with Nan Feng.

She looked at Nan Feng and my little uncle before she asked, “Husband, who is this gentleman”

Nan Feng was about to make the introduction when my little uncle cut in.

“CEO Nan, I think I get it now.

So in everyones eyes, Nanxing is a bastard, a slut, a wastrel who goes around seducing man, an arrogant, despotic, and incorrigible child” His words were directed at Nan Feng but his gaze was on Li Yuan and Li Tian.

His eyes were mesmerizing.

Li Tian was charmed and she nodded honestly.

My little uncles expression changed as he turned to Nan Feng.

Nan Feng quickly shook his head.

“No no no, Master Si, dont listen to them.

Nanxing is a very good girl, she is nothing like what they said.

They are just joking! Yes!”

My little uncle smiled but the smile didnt reach his eyes.

He pointed at Li Yuan, Li Tian and the rest.

“These people scolded Nanxing like this in front of so many people, I cant imagine how much worse they must have treated her in private.

CEO Nan, theres no need for you to explain anymore.

Ive seen and heard enough.

Ill be bringing Nanxing away with me.

As her uncle, I will not sit idle while my sisters only daughter is being abused like this!” My little uncle pulled on my wrist, “Nanxing, let us go!”

Nan Feng quickly stopped him.

“Master Si, please, Master Si, this is really just a misunderstanding.”

My little uncle stopped and bore his eyes into Nan Feng.

“CEO Nan, do you really think Im that dumb Im so easily fooled”

Nan Fengs face was red.

He turned to me pleadingly, “Nanxing, please you have to say something.

Help me tell Master Si that your cousin is only joking, she didnt mean what she said.


“CEO Nan, are you trying to pressure Nanxing to testify against her will Is that how your family normally bullies her” My little uncle shielded me behind him.

Nan Feng quickly turned around.

“Li Yuan, Li Tian, quick, come and apologize to Nanxing!”

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At that time, we could already hear people whisper.

“Who is that man”

“I dont know, Ive never seen him before.”

“Why is CEO Nan so afraid of him”

“What is his relationship with Nanxing”

“I dont know, but he seems to be very protective of Nanxing.”

“Perhaps he is Nanxings lover.

After all, her mother did say the girl likes to flirt around with men.”

“Youre probably right.

After all, not all girls are as dignified as Nanyang! This Nanxing is not Li Yuans biological daughter, shes an illegitimate bastard.

Its not surprising that shed go around seducing men.”

“Its quite impressive that Nanxing can make a man fall so in love with her at her young age.”

I pulled on my little uncles shirt and he turned towards me.

I opened my arms to hug him and buried my head into his chest.

The gaps erupted everywhere.

“This Nanxing is so shameless!”

“How can she throw herself into a mans arms in front of so many people Wheres her sense of decorum”

“Plus, that man is at least 10 years older than her.

Has she no shame”

“So Li Yuan and Li Tian are right after all!”

“I feel so bad for the Nan Family to have such a bastard child!”

“This is really unfortunate for the Nan Family!”

“She has the face of the vixen, so of course shell act that way!”

I leaned against my little uncles chest and heard the chuckle that bubbled in his throat.

“Little girl, thats enough.

Dont push it too far,” he whispered but there was no reproach in his voice.

I rubbed my head against his best.

At that moment, someone pulled on the back of my collar and I was pulled out from my little uncles embrace.

Jing Tians voice warned.

“Stop fooling around.”

“Okay.” I stood properly with a hidden smile.

I turned around to look at the expressionless Jing Tian.

He looked so cute when he was secretly jealous.

When I moved my eyes, I met Shi Fengs smiling eyes.

He was standing beside Li Yuan.

My expression turned cold.

Hearing the increasingly loud discussions among the crowd, Nan Feng was so anxious.

My little uncle raised his voice, “CEO Nan, from this day onwards, Nanxing will live with me.

That means I will not be paying her allowance anymore.

Over the past decades, I have kept an account for the monthly allowance I have given Nanxing.

I might need to take a closer look at them to see where exactly CEO Nan has spent those money.

Well settle this matter soon.

And with regards to how your family has treated Nanxing, well also settle that in time!”


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