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Jing Tian was really angry.

I had never seen him so angry before.

I couldnt help tugging at his sleeve.

Jing Tian lowered his head and planted a deep kiss on my forehead.

He said loudly, “Nanxing is the madam of the Raging Flame Alliance.

Anyone who dares to hurt her will become the enemy of the Raging Flame Alliance.

We will fight to the death to protect her!”

Gu Nian looked at Jing Tian and took a deep breath.

He raised his voice as well.

“Gu Nians engagement with Lu Yan is now null and void.

From now on, we will go our separate ways.

Master Gu Er, thank you for everything.” He didnt even look at Master Wei Wu as he announced, “The Hall of Gratitude has issued a kill order.

Anyone who captures Lee Yang alive will be rewarded with a million dollars.

He is not worth more than that.

Master Qi, if your men have captured him first, please do inform me.

I would like to pay him a visit as well.”

Jing Tian said lazily, “Sure! If youre interested, you can join in.

Just dont mind it if it gets too bloody.”

Only now did I know that Gu Nians organization was called the Hall of Gratitude.

It sounded like the two of them were going to join hands to torture Lee Yang.


What about Lu Yan Were they giving Master Gu Er face

On second thought, I didnt think so.

They had targeted Lee Yang so openly.

They had already offended Master Gu Er.

They were giving Master Gu Er the signal to deal with his family problem on his own.

But Lu Yan was Master Gu Ers biological daughter.

Would he kick her out of the family But if he didnt, how was Lu Yan going to survive She had brought shame to the entire Gu Family.

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Jing Tian and Gu Nians move was really ruthless.

They didnt pursue the girl, but they had done everything to make her life hell.

The person who was more embarrassed than Master Gu Er was Master Wei Wu.

Two people had issued a death warrant for his illegitimate child in front of him.

They actually treated him like a dead man.

He said coldly, “Is Master Liu and Master Qi going to come after the Hall of Justice”

Gu Nian ignored him and turned to look at Ye Qian.

Ye Qian quickly said, “Gu Nian, Im sorry.

I really didnt know there was such an explosive…” She was clearly making things worse.

Ye Qian was all smiles as she raised her voice.

“Ill do my best to help Master Liu run for president.

As long as master six is successful in his election, Ill immediately fulfill my investment promise.

Master Liu, Im sorry for the breakup.

Im sorry for your loss.”

“Just shut up!” Gu Nian said resentfully.

Ye Qians smile became even happier.

Master Gu Er slowly stood up, his face frighteningly gloomy.

“Ye Qian! Are you here to take revenge on me”

Ye Qians smile slowly disappeared.

“Master Gu, you overestimate me.”

Master Gu Er looked at her.

“When I brought you out of the orphanage, you were an orphan who didnt have enough to eat.

I gave you everything you have today.

The Gu family doesnt expect anything in return from you, but youre actually going to bite the hand that feeds you”

Ye Qian bowed deeply to Master Gu Er and said, “Master Er is right.

Ye Qian is an orphan who no one wants.

It was the Gu family who gave me the chance to survive.

I have always been grateful to the GU family.

Without the Gu family, I wouldnt be what I am today.”

Ye Qian paused for a moment and looked up as if she was trying hard to hold back her tears.

She calmed herself down, then she slowly said, “I had been living under someone elses roof since I was young.

I am good at reading peoples expressions and pleasing others.

I know that I come from a humble background, so I have been working hard to make myself more outstanding and worthy of the identity that the Ye family has given me.

I have honed myself into a sword for the Gu Family.

I was more outstanding than any child of the Gu Family.

I spared no effort to work for the Gu Family.

I even did many horrible things for the Gu Family because the interests of the Gu family were my faith!”


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