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“Master Gu Er, did Ye Qian disappoint you in the past” Ye Qian asked Master Gu Er in a sincere and sorrowful voice.

Master Gu Ers face was as still as water, and he did not say a word.

“Master Gu never gave me the approval, causing me to be constantly terrified, constantly improving myself, and constantly pushing myself.

Ye Qian would be so excited whenever I was given a slight nod or a faint smile from Master Gu Er.

Ive trained myself to be a dog of the Gu family, a vicious dog.” Ye Qians voice became softer, and she gave a self-deprecating chuckle.

“For the sake of the Gu family, I can betray my best friends.

For the sake of the Gu family, I can devote myself to a useless man.

For the sake of the Gu family, I can sacrifice my lifelong happiness.

“However, the Gu Family has never cared about me.

They have never cared about my life or death.

They saw my sacrifice as my responsibility.

Whether its my mothers or my husbands family, no one has stood up for me.

All the mistakes were mine.

I was despised by everyone.

“That helpless feeling still makes me feel fear until today when I dream about it in the middle of the night.

Fortunately, Im an orphan.

The desire to survive is an instinct that is engraved in my bones.

With a little help, I fought my way out and left that sad place with half of my life and full of scars.

Second Master, you know what Im talking about, right

“Do you need me to give you examples one by one My conscience doesnt hurt.

Ive paid back what I owe the Gu family with my life.

I am like a cockroach.

I wont die so easily.

I remember who treated me well.

Its one of my few good qualities.

I will repay those who treated me well and take revenge on those who treated me badly.

“When I left the Gu Family, that was the end of the relationship between us.

Im not going after the Gu Family today.

This is a personal grudge between Lu Yan and me.

If it hurts the Gu familys reputation, please look for Lu Yan.

It has nothing to do with me.” Ye Qian looked at Master Gu Er calmly.

I looked at Ye Qian in shock.

I knew Ye Qian for two lifetimes.

In her previous life, she caused me to lose my marriage and child.

In this life, I was very guarded around her.

No matter how she tried to be nice to me, I never opened my heart to her, even though I often admired her.

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But I never knew that her life was actually so rough.

I had always thought that she and Lu Yan were the same type of people.

They would do anything to achieve their goals.

They would not hesitate to do things that harmed others and benefited themselves.

But I did not expect that after leaving Jing Ning, she had also a complete transformation.

Master Gu Ers face was ashen.

He suddenly placed a hand on his chest.

Master Wei Wu was shocked.

“Master Gu!”

Master Gu Er fell into Master Wei Wus arms.

Fifth Master Wei cried out in alarm, “Ambulance! Ambulance! Call an ambulance! Someone, Help!”

The people around them rushed off in all directions.

A group of people rushed out of the door in panic.

We did not move, including Gu Nian and Ye Qian.

Those who were behind Gu Nian didnt move either.

Someone stood up.

“No matter what, the presidential election must be decided.

We cant delay it any longer!”

Immediately, someone echoed.

Without any resistance, things would be much easier.

After the candidates were confirmed, there would be a week-long campaign run.

Gu Nians supporters all came over to hug him.

Everyone cheered for him, telling him to win!

No one mentioned Lu Yan.

No one brought her up like Ye Qian did.

Everyone tacitly covered Gu Nians wound.


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