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How could I not be excited

He was Cousin Mo, my family!

The survivor of the Tong family!

I held onto my little uncle and laughed and cried, “Little uncle, its Cousin Mo.”

My little uncle reached out and hugged me.

He was very excited and patted me.

It was a pleasant surprise.

In comparison, the people and things that had happened previously were no longer important.

I didnt care about Tong Hui or Tong Zhuos whereabouts or who was going to manage the island.

When we returned to my house, Ye Qian looked at me and formally greeted me.

“Nanxing, long time no see.”

I looked at her.

“Long time no see.

I didnt expect that after all the twists and turns, we would actually be on the same side.”

She smiled.

“Thats right.

Life is like this.

There are surprises everywhere.”

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What shocked us the most was that cousin Mo was actually Master San.

Master San was very mysterious that he became a legend.

There were many variations to this legend.

The legend of Master San was prevalent in the underworld, but no one had seen Master San in person before.

However, his influence was always felt.

When the Seven Brothers started to split into two groups, he was alone, doing his own things.

This made Master Sans identity even more mysterious.

The Seven Brothers werent ranked by age, but by the time they rose to power.

“Why did cousin Mo rank ahead of little uncle Didnt they say that little uncle became famous at a young age Does this mean Cousin Mo rose to power at an even younger age” I asked the question in my heart.

Cousin Mo shook his head gently.

“Thats not true.

Its because Master San is actually two people.

The one who made the name of Master San was my father.

After my father passed away, I used Master Sans name.

Since no one knew my fathers true face, no one knew that I had inherited the title from him.”

My little uncle and I were shocked.

“So did second uncle survive the massacre too”

Cousin Mo nodded.

“He did.

We escaped from the sea of fire.

My father was severely burned to protect me.

His health deteriorated.

However, he hung around.

When I was able to take over his mantle, he passed away.”

At the mention of second uncle, cousin Mos expression dimmed.

My little uncle asked in a trembling voice, “All of you are still alive.

Why didnt you come to find me”

He looked at cousin Mo with a conflicted and pained expression.

I couldnt help but reach my hand into his palm.

Cousin Mo sat in his wheelchair and raised his head to look at little uncle.

His voice was calm as he said, “Little uncle, when something happened back then, it was difficult to differentiate between friend and foe.

Im sorry.

Father and I dont dare to trust anyone anymore.”

“What about later” My little uncle asked.

Cousin Mo was silent for a long time.

Then, he said, “After that, my father passed away.

For a period of time, I couldnt pull myself together.

At that time, you were already Master Si.

You were doing well.

I didnt want to disturb you.

I was afraid that my appearance would mess up your plans and formations.”

“Nonsense!” My little uncle interrupted cousin Mos words.

“Tong Mo, can you give me a proper reason Second Brother loved me the most, and I love you the most.

You two were alive but you made me think that you had died! You made me suffer so much that I couldnt sleep at night.

Do you think you can dismiss me for such a simple reason” Little Uncle reached out and punched cousin Mos shoulder.

Cousin Mos wheelchair shook.

Ye Qian quickly supported him.

“Uncle, Im sorry.” Cousin Mo wanted to say something, but in the end, it turned into an apology.

My little uncle shed tears.

“You were all alive.

You stood there quietly, watching me lose my will to live, but none of you said anything.

Such ruthlessness!”



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