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I raised my eyes to look at him in bewilderment.

Seeing this extremely familiar face in front of me, I wondered if Jing Tian had reincarnated as well

Back in this timeline, Jing Tian was supposed to be unapproachable and cold-hearted.

Jing Tian wouldnt even abide by the rules of his grandfather, so why did he agree to my request so easily


Jing Tian took out his cell phone and placed it in my hand.

“Store your phone number and send me the papers for all your subjects.

Ill design a study plan for you.”

I was not going to question my good luck.

I had no idea why Jing Tian was treating me this way, but I knew I had to seize this opportunity.

Having each others number would bring me one step closer to him.

Jing Tian then turned and left the greenhouse.

I swore his gait was frantic.


After the banquet started, I was found by the maid.

Under her disdainful gaze, I was led to the front hall.

The place was crowded.

The jewels glowed and champagne flowed.

“Nan Xing! Were here!” Jing Ning waved at me.

I pretended to not see him and wandered over to a corner.

“Second miss, your father would like to speak with you.” My fathers secretary accosted me.

I nodded and followed him.

“Nan Xing, come, come, come.” My father waved at me with a big smile on his face.

Beside him was Old Master Jing, Jing Tians father and Jing Nings grandfather, Jing Sheng.

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Jing Tian was standing beside Old Master Jing with his hands behind his back and an impatient scowl on his face.

I smiled inside my heart.

“Nan Xing, Grandpa Jing was just asking about you.

Where have you been” My fathers smile was fawning but he didnt seem to realize it himself.

I bowed to Old Master Jing, “Good evening, Old Master Jing!”

I was not going to refer to him as Grandpa Jing anymore because my aim was to be his daughter-in-law!

Grandpa Jing didnt notice the change in my term of endearment, after all, many people referred to him as Old Master Jing.

I felt a gaze on me, without looking up, I knew it was Jing Tian.

“Nan Xing, this is 7th master, Jing Tian.

You can call him little uncle.

Do you still remember him” Fathers voice was high and effusive, I had no idea why he was acting like this.

His whole person was screaming the need to please the Jing Family members.

Remember him I looked at Jing Tian, I refused to call him little uncle, I didnt like that term.

“Of course you dont remember! Our Nan Xing has a goldfish memory! Her memory only lasts for 7 seconds! Ha ha, 7th Master, please dont mind her!” I felt like my father would kowtow to them if he would win favors that way.

Jing Tian was not amused by my fathers performance, instead he fixed his eyes on me.

It was Old Master Jing who gave my father face and smiled, “Nan Xing is so grown up now.

She is growing into such a beauty.

Nan Xing, do you still remember the kidnapping when we went out for an outing when you were young If not for you, Jing Tian wouldnt have lived until this day! Do you have any memory of it”


I looked at Jing Tian and then at my eager father.

I shook my head slowly.

Old Master Jings smile faded and he sighed.

“Its good that you cant remember it, itll be less pressure on you that way.”

My father concurred, “Yes, let bygones be bygones.

Whats important is the present! Look at what Jing Tian has achieved!” He turned to smile sweetly at Old Master Jing, “Grandpa Jing, you must be glad to have Jing Tian at your side!”

Old Master Jing smiled, he turned to look at his son with pride plain on his face.

Jing Tian spoke, “Nan Xing is in her year 3 of high school”

Father was startled before he nodded, “Yes, shes in year 3, shell be taking university entrance exam next year.”

“How is her studies” Jing Tian asked.

In a split second, a thought flashed through my mind.

I looked at Jing Tian in surprise.

He wasnt looking at me, he focused on my father.

My father was in a bit of dilemma.

My results, like my existence, was a shameful point to the family.

“Its not so good.” I admitted softly.

My fathers face was red with embarrassment.

“Let me be your tutor then.

Ill be a teachers assistant at M University starting from next semester.

I wish to find a student to prep before I start my work there.

The tutoring will be free but youll have to listen to my orders!” Jing Tians voice was completely void of the gentleness he had in the greenhouse.

Instead there was a dominance that no one dared to challenge.

We were all stunned.

I was over the moon, no words could express my joy at this surprise.

Old Master Jing was confounded.

His son, Jing Tian was never a people person. He didnt even want come to this party in the first place.

So why did he make a special exception to be Nan Xings tutor

My father was ecstatic..

He rubbed his hands together and stammered, “That, that is great.

Oh, this is perfect! Nan Xing, do you know Jing Tian scored the best in our city when he took his university entrance exam! Nan Xing, you have to say yes, you mustnt let this chance slip away!”


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