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Chapter 70: A Good Show

My little uncle held my hand and walked away.

Nan Feng was so anxious he moved to stop us.

He pleaded, “Master Si, Master Si, please stay.

We can talk this over.” He then turned to me, “Nanxing, Nanxing, can you please ask your little uncle to join me in the study so we can talk this out”

I looked at my little uncle.

This was something I couldnt control.

My little uncle said coldly, “Theres nothing to talk about, Ive seen everything I need to see.”

Nan Feng was desperate.

“Please, Master Si, please give me a chance to explain.”

Jing Tian frowned.

“Tong Le!” My little uncle turned to look at him.

Nan Feng thought Jing Tian was there to save him so he hurriedly turned to his savior.

“Master Qi, please help me persuade Master Si.”

Jing Tian said indifferently, “CEO Nan, what about Nanxing” Nan Feng was confused by the question.

“Master Si is angry because Nanxing was bullied before your guests.

How is you inviting Master Si to the study going to solve anything” Jing Tian reminded.

It finally registered in Nan Fengs mind what he needed to do.

He turned to the crowd and explained, “Ladies and gentlemen, please let me make an introduction.

This is Nanxings uncle, Mr.

Tong Le.

The things Li Tian said earlier are all nonsense.

Our Nanxing has always been a good kid!” Nan Feng glared at Li Yuan and Li Tian before turning to bow towards my little uncle and invited him to the study.

My little uncle handed me to Jing Tian and said directly, “Take good care of her!” Jing Tian nodded imperceptibly.

My little uncle left with Nan Feng but the crowd remained.

Li Yuan asked Jing Tian hesitantly, “Master, Master Tian, what just happened” Jing Tian didnt answer them, he merely glanced at them frostily.

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Instead it was Shi Feng who answered them, “You people dont even know the famous Master Tong Si” Everyone turned to him but Shi Feng only had his eyes on me.

He looked at me affectionately.

“Nanxings mother, Madam Tong Huan is Master Tong Les elder sister, so he is Nanxings uncle!”

Exclamations could be heard from the crowd.

“To think that you people would be foolish enough to say Nanxing is out to seduce a man who is her own uncle… Well, that should be enough to spell the doom of the Nan Family.” Shi Feng sounded like he had enjoyed the show.

Li Yuans face paled unnaturally.

Li Tian grabbed her arm.

“Auntie, I didnt mean to say those things.

It was Nanxing who misdirected me to scold her! You saw it yourself.

She was the one who purposely burrowed her head into that mans chest, so how is this my fault”

Li Yuans face turned uglier.

She finally turned to me, her voice was unnaturally gentle, “Nanxing, why didnt you introduce your uncle to us sooner Then we would have avoided this misunderstanding.”

If I had said anything, we would have missed a good show.

Shi Feng took two steps forward and stopped before me.

“Nanxing, my heart is forever yours! Please be my girlfriend and my wife!”

Jing Tian pulled me behind him.

“Im sorry Young Master Shi, but Nanxing is still too young for a boyfriend.”

Shi Feng sized Jing Tian up.

He said with mock levity, “Master Qi, why are you gettubg involved Tong Le is Nanxings uncle, but who are you to Nanxing to dictate her life”

Jing Tian stared back at Shi Feng wordlessly.

I sighed internally and grabbed Jing Tians arm.

“He is my teacher!”

Jing Tian is not yet ready so I wont telling the others that hes my boyfriend but being my teacher, it already gives him the right to schedule my school life.

Shi Fengs gaze wandered around my face.

“Nanxing, you sure have an interesting relationship with the people around you.”

I turned my head away. Of course!

“Nanxing” “Nanxing!” Jing Ning and Nanyang hurried over.

“What happened Who is the man that wants to bring you away” Jing Ning asked anxiously.

Nanyang went to hold her mother.

Li Tian who still didnt understand the severity of the problem, explained the incident to Nanyang with great exaggeration.

I was too lazy to refute her.

I realized that in my second life, I had become less affected by unimportant things.

Arguing with fools would only demean myself.

Unfortunately not everyone saw things that way.

After hearing Li Tians story, Nanyang immediately turned to me, “Nanxing, how can you treat Tian Tian like that Even though you are not mommy and daddys biological daughter, you are still a part of the Nan Family.

For so many years, we have never mistreated you.

How could you do this to us in retaliation for our kindness”

Then she turned to Shi Feng and uttered in utmost dignity.

“Young Master Si, please forgive my little sister for her insensibility.”


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