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Ye Qian looked at me seriously.

I was stunned.

“Whats wrong”

Ye Qian wanted to say something but hesitated.

My heart thumped.

“Ye Qian, is something wrong with cousin Mos body Dont hide it from me.

I havent even had the chance to rejoice when I saw him.

Quickly tell me!”

Ye Qian looked up at me.

Just as she was about to speak, the bedroom door opened, and cousin Mos wheelchair drove in.

Ye Qian immediately stood up and walked over.

“Youre awake Why didnt you sleep more”

“Cousin Mo!” I rushed over and sized him up from head to toe.

Cousin Mo looked up at me with the familiar faint smile on his lips.

I reached out to hold his hand and half-knelt beside his wheelchair.

“Cousin Mo, whats wrong with your legs Whats wrong with your body”

Instead of asking Ye Qian who was stuttering, I might as well ask cousin Mo directly!

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Cousin Mo glanced at Ye Qian casually.

Ye Qian lowered her eyes.

“My leg was injured in an accident.

I can stand up but its very tiring.

But this is a consequence I accept for mixing in the underworld.

Its not a big deal.

My luck isnt good.

Look at Jing Tian and Gu Nian.

Theyre fine.

In any case, the Tong Family still has our little uncle, so its fine!” Cousin Mo shrugged.

“Is it a bone injury or a nerve injury My teacher is a very good surgeon.

Ill let him take a look at you! Are there any other parts of your body that are uncomfortable” I asked with concern.

Cousin Mo frowned.

“Why are you so naggy at such a young age Who did you learn it from Uncle didnt teach you well!”

I pouted and glared at him.

“How am I naggy Im just concerned about you! Why are you so difficult to talk to I have a good doctor to introduce you to.

No matter what illness you have, hell be able to treat you!”

“Am I a guinea pig” He glared at me.

I glared at him angrily.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and pinched my face.

“Why are you still so silly”

He smiled.

This time, it was a smile that was completely unfurled.

It was as dazzling as the sunlight that suddenly shone into the darkness.

“Im fine.

Dont worry.

Sitting in a wheelchair wont affect me.

A truly successful man relies on his brain.

Only a simple-minded person like little uncle will have to rely on brute force.” There was a hint of a smile in his voice.

He reached out to pull Ye Qian over.

“You two are old acquaintances, so theres no need for me to introduce you.

She said that you dont like her.

In the future, can you please get along with her for me Shes been by my side and taking care of me for the past few years.

Its rare to have such a good woman who doesnt mind my conditions.

Dont make things difficult for her!” Cousin Mo resumed his snarky tone.

I glared at him and stood up.

I raised my chin at Ye Qian.

“Since youre good to my cousin, I wont bully you.

But you have to be good to me too.

Otherwise, Ill sow discord between the two of you and make my cousin ignore you!”

Cousin Mo smacked my hand lightly.

I jumped to the side and complained, “It hurts! Cousin, now that you have someone you like, you dont care about your blood cousin anymore Fine! Im going to bully her when youre not looking!”

I rolled my eyes at Ye Qian.

Ye Qian smiled and looked at me with a gentle and doting gaze.

That dream of hers had probably become a demon in her heart.

Laughing with my cousin made me feel like a little child again.

In my messy memories, cousin Mo and cousin Zhuo were still childish and pure.


I had always longed for their accompaniment to fill the hole in my heart.


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