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“Ye Qian!” I raised my voice and called out to her.

Ye Qian turned around to look at me.

Her gaze made me involuntarily take a step back.

Ye Qian knelt in front of me.

I was so frightened that I took another big step back.

“What are you doing Ye Qian, get up quickly.”

I went forward to help Ye Qian up.

I didnt care about the blood on my hands.

My wound had already healed, and the faint golden blood was left in my palm.

However, cousin Mos blood was fresh.

It did not coagulate, nor did it dry up.

Ye Qian knelt.

“Nanxing, please, save Tong Mo.

If you do, I will be at your beck and call for this life and the next.”

I pulled her up.

“Ill save him.

How can I not You have to get up and tell me whats wrong with him first Or else how can I do anything”

Ye Qian didnt move at all.

She held my hand, and tears streamed down her face.

“Nanxing, Master San has contracted the Tong familys hereditary illness.

Only you can save him.

I beg you, Nanxing, save him! Hes so young and so kind.

He doesnt deserve to die!”

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I nodded vigorously.

“Youre right.

Please get up.

Of course, Ill save him.

Why wouldnt I”

Ye Qian was stunned for a moment before she weakly let go of my hand.

She muttered, “No, he wont let you.

He wont let you treat his illness.

He wont allow me to say anything.

If I do, he wont want me anymore.”

Ye Qian started crying sadly.

Eh Why

I widened my eyes and growled, “Stop crying! Quickly tell me whats going on! Ye Qian!”

Ye Qian raised her teary eyes to look at me and gritted her teeth.

I took the opportunity to say, “Tell me quickly.

Well think of a way together! I need to know the backstory first!”

Ye Qian held my hand and stood up.

She staggered to a chair and sat down.

I also calmed down.

“Ye Qian, cousin Mo didnt want you to tell me about his illness, right”

Ye Qian nodded as her tears fell silently.

“I can treat his illness, but itll put me in danger, right” I asked her.

Ye Qian paused for a moment before she looked up at me and nodded slowly.

I took a deep breath.

“So, cousin Mo has always known about my existence, and he also knows that I can save his life and treat his illness.

But to save me, he chose to stay away from me, right”

Ye Qians tears fell like rain, and she nodded lightly.

I exhaled, feeling very gratified.

I patted Ye Qian and said, “How did you fall in love with such a silly person What about your own judgment and your philosophy that survival comes first.

Why didnt you persuade him”

Ye Qian was stunned for a moment.

She didnt expect that I would bring up her dark history at this moment.

Then, she smiled bitterly.

“After falling in love with him, I no longer have my own principles.

I also didnt expect that Id become someone like this.

Id support him no matter what.

Im impressed by how kind he is.

However, Im willing to protect his kindness.

If hes not afraid of death, then Im not afraid either.

In any case, well stay together as long as were alive.

If he dies, I wont live alone.”

I was shocked.

Ye Qian shed tears again.

“But Nanxing, Id rather be alive! Ive been through a lot.

I just want to see more sunrises and sunsets with Master San and go to more scenic places.

I just want him to be safe and sound.

Nanxing, is that too much Why is God so unfair”



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