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Little Uncles expression darkened.

“Little uncle, hes your nephew! Hes a descendant of the Tong Family.” I stepped forward and gently held little uncles hand.

Little Uncles voice was a little hoarse.

“Nanxing, Tong Mos illness is a little severe.

It will drag you down…”

I smiled as tears fell.

“What do you mean by dragging me down Hes my brother.

If I can help him, thats what I should do.

Little uncle, if Im the one whos sick and youre the one who can save me, are you going to save me or not”

Little uncle nodded without hesitation.

“Then why are you blocking me now” I was displeased.

“Let Nanxing come in.” Mister Lis voice came from behind little uncle.

I immediately squeezed under little uncles armpit.

Cousin Mo was lying on the bed.

His face was as white as paper, which made his features look more profound.

Jing Tian came over and gave me a gentle hug.

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“How is he” I asked Jing Tian.

Jing Tian didnt say anything but looked at Mr.



Li nodded.

“He has settled down for the time being.

He needs to rest for three days.

Hell be fine until his next reaction.

Itll only become more severe.”


Li was a person who didnt know how to lie.

He was the strongest pillar of support for both the patients and their families.

“Then, can I use my blood to cure him” I asked anxiously.


Li looked at me and shook his head gently.

I was stunned.

“Cant I”


Li sighed softly.

“Nanxing, your blood can indeed save your cousin, but he has already lost the best window of opportunity for treatment.

Also, he doesnt want to hurt you.

Do you understand”

I said firmly, “I dont care.

I want to save him.

I can exchange my life for his life!”

“Nanxing!” My little uncle walked over.

We faced each other.

My little uncle placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Nanxing, Tong Mos illness is at a very late stage.

If you want to save him, you need to feed him with your own blood every day!”

“Its alright! Im willing!” I said loudly.

My little uncle turned to look at cousin Mo, who was lying on the bed.

I quickly lowered my voice.

“Im willing! Im willing to draw blood for him every day!”

My tone was very firm.

I looked at my little uncle.

“Little uncle, if it were me, would you save me”

My little uncle sighed softly.

“Nanxing, if it were you, would you be willing to let us save you”

I was stunned.

I hadnt considered the other persons feelings.


Li walked over and patted my shoulder lightly.

He said to my little uncle, “Actually, theres still another way.”

My little uncle and I couldnt help but light up.


Li slowly said, “I need seven precious medicinal herbs.

Although it cant completely cure his poison, it can allow him to live without relying on Nanxings blood.”

My uncle immediately said, “Alright, tell me which seven herbs! Tell me, and Ill go to Heaven and earth to get them.


Li, can you really save Tong Mo”


Li nodded.

“These herbs are all available in China.”

My uncle and I nodded in unison.

“Alright, lets go back to China!”


Li continued, “Before that, Nanxing, Ill need your blood to stabilize his condition!”

“No problem.

You can take as much as you want!” I said loudly.

I was hit on the head again!

I covered my head with my hand.

I fell into Jing Tians arms.

He was displeased.

“Tong Le! We agreed not to hit her on the head anymore! Shes already silly enough!”



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