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The incident between Lu Yan and Lee Yang had disgraced Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu.

They had approached Gu Nian in private to resolve the matter peacefully, but Gu Nian had refused.

Although Gu Nian had been cuckolded, public opinion was on his side.

He was not ridiculed at all.

I believed that Ye Qian played a part in this.

Controlling public opinion was something she was very good at.

Ye Qian didnt go to the Gu family.

Instead, she invited Master Gu Er out for dinner.

Master Gu Er was Ye Qians foster father in name.

He was both her boss and her teacher.

She probably knew Master Gu Er better than anyone else.

Ye Qian wasnt dumb to visit the Gu Family on her own.

How could she not know that the Gu family hated her to the core

I asked Su Qian and Su Shen to protect her.

No matter what, I couldnt let them hurt her again.

Ye Qian graciously accepted my kindness.

Su Shen had always been a gossipy person.

When she returned, she couldnt wait to tell me about their meeting.

Master Gu Er had agreed to meet Ye Qian because he wanted Ye Qian to help him repair his relationship with Gu Nian.

He thought he could still lord over Ye Qian.

The moment they met, he blamed Ye Qian.

“How could you turn your back on us and help Gu Nian Now, Gu Nian is going to abandon our camp! Im telling you, you have to take full responsibility for this! The only solution is for Gu Nian to return to our camp! We have to participate in the control of this island!”

Ye Qian did not respond to second master Gus unreasonable request.

She poured tea for Master Gu Er, and she said calmly, “Master Gu Er, you think too highly of me.

I dont have that much influence on affecting Master Liu.

The relationship between us is an exchange of interests.

Back then, no one spoke up for me except for Gu Nian, do you remember”

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Ye Qians tone was calm and relaxed.

It was very gentle.

She was neither anxious nor angry.

She was not here to settle accounts at all.

It was as if she was simply there to pay her respects to her foster father.

Master Gu Er obviously didnt remember, or rather did not want to remember what happened back then.

It would not help with his case.

Master Gu Er said arrogantly, “Why bring up the past People have their ups and downs in life.

Who hasnt had a low point in their life Dont forget that the Gu family raised you.

You have yet to repay the Gu family!”

Ye Qian looked at Master Gu Er and said softly, “Second master, Ive worked for the Gu family for many years.”

Master Gu Er did not mind.

“Then continue to work for the Gu family! What have I taught you Dont let things like feelings affect you.

Those are frivolous things.

As long as youre under the protection of the Gu familys big umbrella, youll definitely be able to rule the world.”

Ye Qian smiled.

“Master Gu Er, when I left the Gu family, I said that I would never step into the Gu family again.

Do you still remember Lu Yan forced me to make this solemn vow.”

Master Gu Er had no choice but to restrain his arrogant attitude.

“Master Gu Er, Ive never complained about being a dog for the Gu family.

I grew up fed by the Gu Family, so I had no complaint.

However, ever since Lu Yan appeared, I wasnt even qualified to be the Gu Familys dog anymore.

It didnt matter what Id done for the Gu Family.

The sin that I had committed by assuming the identity of the Gu Familys eldest miss was too big.

Its unforgivable.

However, Master Gu Er, I never wanted this position.

It was Master Gu Er who said it was not important.

As long as I could make Madam happy, Id always be your biological daughter.

My heart was filled with gratitude.

So why couldnt you say something when I was down and attacked from all sides”


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