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Master Gu Ers face was gloomy, and he could not speak.

Ye Qian smiled.

“Master Gu Er, in the end, the Gu family has never treated me as one of their own.

Im just a servant, an outsider.

In fact, Ive always known that fact in my heart.

As long as the Gu Family doesnt expose me, I can continue to deceive myself and work for the Gu family for the rest of my life.

I can also pretend that Im a professional woman, a successful person, and I can even sacrifice my happiness for the sake of the Gu Family.

I thought that my future was already planned… until Lu Yans return.”

Ye Qian sighed softly.

“Its not an exaggeration to say that Lu Yan is my nemesis.

Lu Yan hates me for stealing her position and wants to skin me alive to vent her hatred.

Master Gu Er, its not that you dont know that, but you allowed her to do so.”

Ye Qian smiled again.

“So, Master Gu Er, your so-called favor to me has been exhausted already.

When you forced me to marry Jing Ning, I dont think we owe each other anything anymore.”

Master Gu Er was a little impatient.

“Ye Qian, what did I teach you since you were young Dont think like a woman.

Feelings and emotions are frivolous stuff.

Youre someone who is meant for great things.”

Ye Qian looked at Master Gu Er, and her smile deepened.

“What constitutes a great thing”

Master Gu Er was not in the mood.

“Cut the crap! The most important thing now was to stop Gu Nian from becoming president! Gu Nian is becoming harder and harder to continue.

If he became president, he would kick us all out sooner or later.

That wouldnt do! Even if he becomes president, we need to have him in our hands so that we can control him!”

Ye Qian listened quietly and stared at Master Gu Er.

“Master Gu Er, you should get Lu Yan to convince Gu Nian.”

Master Gu Er was annoyed.

“You still have the nerve to bring it up If you hadnt exposed Lu Yan and Lee Yang in public, why would things have turned out this way”

Ye Qian remained calm.

“Then shouldnt Master Gu Er talk to Lu Yan If she hadnt acted that way, why would I have her weakness”

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Master Gu Er was stunned.

“Have you been planning this for a long time”

Ye Qian smiled.

“Master Gu Er, youre old.”

She stood up gracefully.

“I thought I would never have the chance to voice out the resentment in my heart.

I didnt expect the heavens to pity me and reward me with such an extra favor.

Master Gu Er, the enmity between Lu Yan and I was formed when we were only a few years old.

You can only pick one of us to stay, but you cant bear to part with either of us.

Therefore, we have no choice but to kill each other.

Gu Nian will definitely become the president.

Im his most loyal supporter.

Master Gu Er, goodbye!”

Ye Qian turned around and left.

Master Gu Er was furious.

“Ye Qian! Youre too arrogant! Do you think I wont dare to touch you !”

Ye Qian left without turning her head back.

Su Shen told the story while Jing Ni, Mai Qi, and I listened with relish.

Mai Qi nodded and praised, “Its a pity that shes not a mafia boss.”

Jing Ni smiled.

“Shes Master Sans woman.

So shes a mafia boss!”

Mai Qi nodded again.

“What a perfect match!”

I asked Su Shen, “Master Gu Ers men didnt stop you”

Su Shen said proudly, “Do they dare Su Qian and I are protecting Miss Ye from both sides! In fact, we couldnt wait for them to make a move so that we could get some exercise.”

Coincidentally, Su Qian came over and rubbed Su Qians head.

“Do they really think that theyre giving us face by not making any move”


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