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Jing Tian took another sip of tea from my hand and said slowly, “I heard that youd lost a lot of manpower.

I cant help with that, but I can support you with money.

Also, I can lend you Gao Da for a period of time!”

Gu Nians eyes lit up.


Jing Tian stretched out three fingers.

“Three months, not even one day more than that!”

Gu Nians face turned green.

“Thats enough!” He said, “Arent you afraid that Id end up getting Gao Da to work for me”

Jing Tian gave him a sidelong glance.

“Why dont you give it a try”

Gu Nian was very happy.

“Forget it.

I can train a righthand man myself.”

Jing Tian then got down to business.

“Were going back to China.

Gao Da, Lu Heng, and Xiao Yi will stay behind to help you.

Gao Da is mainly to help you train new people.

Weve tested Lu Heng, so theres no problem.

Hell stay here to guard Nanxings home.

Xiao Yis skills are pretty good, so youll definitely need it.

When youre all settled here, you can send Xiao Yi back.”

Gu Nian nodded.

Jing Tian continued, “As for the investment side, Ye Qians people are quite well-prepared.

Nanxing and I will also take a stake.

Tong Le and Qu Hao will both contribute too.

The shareholders are just common people, but their backgrounds arent bad.

What do you think”

Gu Nian couldnt hide his smile.

“Very good, very good! Thats great!”

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I wasnt interested in their specific affairs, so I only asked, “Is this presidency going to be difficult This island was left to me by my parents, and I like it very much.

I hope you can help me manage this island well.”

Gu Nian looked at me with an extremely serious expression.

“Nanxing, thank you for taking me in.”

I looked at him in surprise.

Gu Nian exhaled lightly.

He smiled.

“My relationship with Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu has soured.

I wont have a good ending if I go back to China.

Even if theyre weak now, its hard to defend against an ambush.

Ive had enough of fighting with them.

This kind of isolated life suits me the best.

“Since this island is yours and technically, Ill be working for me, it motivates me.

I will never let you now.

Nanxing, believe me, I will definitely take good care of this island.”

I nodded.

“Of course, I believe you.

I just feel that you two have always loved freedom, but this is going to tie you down.”

Gu Nian smiled.

“Youre talking about Ye Qian, right We understand each other very well, and we both get what we want.

Why not But you shouldnt sacrifice yourself for anyone.

Youre welcome to come back no matter what.

This is your home, your own territory.

If someone dares to harm you, just say the word, and Ill immediately bring all the elites of the island to support you!”

He glanced at Jing Tian lightly.

Jing Tian said slowly, “It sounds like I should be more vigilant and not for you to turn this place into a new headquarters.”

Gu Nian shrugged, “What can you really do to me”

I found it funny.

“Alright, here we go again!”

I climbed onto Jing Tians arm and said with a smile, “Can we come back here every year I also want to bring Auntie Lan and Auntie Bai Rui with us.”

Jing Tian said, “Its up to you.

You can come whenever you want.

You can also check on President Gus work.

If he doesnt do a good job, well instigate a coup and bring him down.”

I gave him a gentle slap.

I said to Gu Nian, “I know youll be a good president.

Actually, I know you care about the islanders.

This island is lucky to have you.

Gu Nian, Ill miss you from time to time.

Ive always cherished you as a friend.

Take care of yourself.”


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